How To Build Yourself Up (Before Life Tries To Take You Down)

Build yourself up today so that you will come out stronger than ever when life tries to take you down!

Whether you are facing a tough time right now and life has got you down, or you are looking to encourage yourself to be better, learning how to build yourself up mentally can be a game changer!

Build Yourself Up Meaning

It’s time to build yourself up – meaning, take the steps necessary to build confidence in yourself and your abilities.

By learning how to build yourself up mentally, you can be sure that life won’t be able to tear your down in times of struggle.

How To Build Yourself Up Mentally

Building yourself up is all about becoming a better version of yourself today than you were yesterday. When you are the best version of yourself, you can be your own cheerleader when things get tough!

So, how do you build yourself up to be your own cheerleader?

Think of building yourself up as a mental game of tug-of-war that you are playing against your own mind.

On one side you have the unhelpful thoughts that want to bring you down. But on the other side (the winning side!), you have all of your positive and committed thoughts that are pulling for the win to build yourself up.

Since your thoughts become your reality, it is important that you choose which side you want to be on very carefully!

Let’s get into three steps that you can take to build yourself up mentally. Learn how to build yourself up mentally now for a more successful tomorrow!

#1. Be Confident In Who You Are

The entire world thinks that they should get to have a say in the way you choose to live your life. This can make us second guess our words, thoughts, and actions.

But guess what? You are the only one who needs to be happy with the life choices that you make!

Set boundaries that do not allow other people to have an opinion on how you live your life.

Be confident in who you are. Make choices for yourself and be confident that they are the right ones.

Be confident in your own skin and be confident in the goals you are setting for your life.

Build yourself up by telling yourself that you are confident in your choices and you have confidence in yourself.

Remember that building yourself up is simply a mental game. Know your value, believe in your worth, and love yourself!

Your attitude is the deciding factor in whether you will win the tug-of-war or lose it. If you tell yourself that you are confident in who you are, then you will 100% believe it to be true!

#2. Stop Making Excuses

It is so easy to tear yourself down. And it is so easy to believe that you aren’t enough.

What isn’t easy is letting go of your past, pushing yourself to be better, and not making excuses.

Don’t make excuses for when things don’t go right in your life. And stop making excuses when you don’t want to put in the effort to tackle a difficult obstacle.

Take ownership of your life by accepting that your every word, thought, and action has consequences. Your thoughts and actions can be used as a tool to build yourself up to living a more positive and successful life.

Beware of the trap of making excuses for your behavior and your actions. Excuses do the opposite of building you up! And when we don’t allow ourselves to make excuses, taking ownership is the only way!

When you build yourself up, you acknowledge that you are human and make mistakes. This allows you to take complete control of your life. And when you are in control, you can choose to improve for next time instead of making excuses.

#3. Master Your Mindset

If you are able to master your mindset, you will be able to build yourself up in every area of your life. Even when life tries to take you down!

Your mindset is what dictates how you respond to the realities of life. Learning about your default mindset will help you understand why you react to conflict and setbacks in the way that you do.

Your mindset will determine whether you naturally build yourself up or tear yourself down when you fail or struggle.

Changing your mindset isn’t always easy, but it can be done with practice and dedication. The first step is choosing the right words and telling yourself a different story when you are facing a struggle.

Before long, you will have developed a growth mindset to help you see the growth opportunities in your struggles. And when you see a path forward through obstacles, it is a lot easier to build yourself up when life dishes out its worst!

Build Yourself Up For Tomorrow

Each day that you don’t work toward building yourself up makes it easier for the challenges of tomorrow to bring you down.

Build yourself up with self-confidence. Be confident in what you do and who you are. Ditch the excuse making game and take ownership of your thoughts and actions. And choose a mindset that helps you tackle whatever comes your way.

What you choose to do today will determine who you become tomorrow. And if you don’t take action to build yourself up, you can count on tomorrow being ready to deliver its worst!

So when it does, make sure that you have done the work to build yourself up and be ready for it!

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