Change your words change your mindset (In 5 easy Steps)

Do you find yourself constantly battling negativity? Are your words, thoughts, and actions filled with negativity? The number one way to change this is to change your words, change your mindset. And change your mindset, change your life.

If you are someone with a generally negative outlook on things, you may not even know it! But perhaps someone has mentioned something to you that has inspired you to change your attitude. Or perhaps you have noticed this about yourself and are ready for a change.

Regardless, it is great that you are seeking out ways to change your attitude! Let’s use today to start making a positive change towards the life you truly want to live! It is time to change your words, change your mindset!

Change Your Words Change Your Mindset Meaning

The saying is change your words, change your mindset – meaning if you’re able to choose the words you use wisely and intentionally in your life, you will be able to also see a positive change in your mindset.

There are many different types of mindsets you could have, but the one you use the most controls how you react to setbacks and struggles that your life throws at you.

The saying ‘change your words, change your mindset’ means that our words have a profound impact on our mindset. This in turn causes us to interpret the things that happen to us differently.

If you are struggling with a fixed mindset and you don’t believe that you can achieve the goals that you have for your life, then you are right and you won’t be able to! Your attitude is your altitude when it comes to your mindset!

However, with a growth mindset and the belief that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, you will find yourself on the right path to living the life that you want for your future self. And your future self thanks you for it!

How Does Change Your Words Change Your Mindset Work?

So, how can changing the words you use change your mindset? There are 5 easy steps you can take to change your words to make a lasting impact on your mindset.

#1. Stop Complaining

There are many reasons why people complain so much. But whether it is to brag, get attention, or to remove responsibility, the end result is the same. Complaining is usually a collection of negative words designed to highlight the negatives of a situation.

So if you stop complaining, you will be using less negative words. This will in turn change your mindset.

By not speaking negative thoughts about people or any given scenario, you are refraining from sending negative messages out to your friends, family, and coworkers. This will also impact their day in a more positive way.

It can be tricky, but the next time you find yourself complaining, ask yourself what you have to be grateful for. Change a complaint like “I hate my job so much. It is so boring” to “my job feels boring sometimes, but I am grateful that I get to have good relationships with my coworkers.” Or “I am grateful to have the opportunity to make a difference in peoples’ lives.”

This will take some practice and an open mind. You will have to put in the effort to actively seek out the things that work to turn your complaints into gratitude statements.

In the end, the saying change your words change your mindset reminds us that the words we use have a big impact on the messages we send to ourselves and others. If you stop complaining, you will change your mindset to a more grateful one.

And those around you will thank you for it!

#2. Look for the Growth Opportunities Instead

To change your words change your mindset, it is important that you stop complaining and look for gratitude opportunities. When you change your words and change your mindset, you will also start to see opportunities for growth where you never used to.

The next time you feel like complaining, or you face an obstacle or a setback, take a minute to pause and dig in. When your instinct is to complain, stop yourself and try to see what you can learn from the setback.

A growth mindset believes that growth opportunities hide in the challenges we face in our lives. Instead of complaining or giving up, remember: change your words change your mindset. Choose words that are going to remind you that you can grow and learn when you experience setbacks, struggles, or failures.

Instead of saying “Ugh this sucks, I give up”, choose phrases such as “man, this is challenging, but I won’t give up. If I fail, I will know how to improve for next time.”

Developing a growth mindset isn’t something that happens over night. It is hard work that requires a lot of practice. But if you change the words you use, you will see that it is possible to change your mindset also.

#3. Speak Positively

We know that the saying change your words change your mindset will help you stop complaining and help you find gratitude and growth in challenges.

The next thing you need to do to change your mindset is to speak positively. The goal is to use words that are positively charged so that you remind yourself that you are locked into a positive mindset.

There are a few simple word tricks you can use that shift your tone to a more positive one. For example, imagine you are running late for an important meeting. Your instinct may be to say “Sorry I’m late” followed by an explanation.

To change your words for a more positive outlook, you could choose “Thank you for your patience while you waited for me”. This shifts your mindset to a more grateful one rather than a mindset that is looking to excuse yourself from whatever kept you. This shows the people you are talking to that you are grateful for their time and patience, and will give you peace of mind knowing that you are already excused for being late.

It also helps to speak positively to strangers. It is as easy as complimenting a cashier on their hard work, or thanking your mail carrier. Simple positive statements go a long way. Both in the lives of others, and in your own.

#4. “I Have To” vs. “I Get To”

If you are looking to change your words and change your mindset, this little trick may just be your new favorite. This one works particularly well if you are someone who complains a lot.

Typically when we are faced with a task that we do not want to do, we use the words ‘have to’.

Replacing have to with get to is a simple change that has a massive impact on your mindset. This is a way of tricking your brain into seeing obligations or chores as something you actually want to do.

For example: rather than “I have to do the dishes”, consider “I get to do the dishes so that my family can sit down together and enjoy a meal together.”

This isn’t always easy, and it can feel pretty silly to say it, but this is a perfect example of change your words change your mindset in action.

#5. Use Positive Self-Talk

The last step to change your words change your mindset is using positive self-talk.

The words we use in our heads can have a major impact on our mindset. When you constantly speak negatively about yourself, it is easy to fall into a mindset trap of negativity.

For example, thoughts such as “I am not good enough”, or “I’ll never reach this goal” limit our thinking into a fixed mindset. It is here that we struggle to find growth. The limiting beliefs that we hold about ourselves keep us stuck in the safety of our comfort zones, rather than taking risks.

Using positive self-talk or positive affirmations for self-love will steer your thinking toward a growth mindset.

The words you use in your own thoughts have a powerful impact on your mindset. A simple switch from can’t to can, or even just adding the word yet to the end of a sentence changes its meaning entirely.

Sure, you might not be good at job interviews… yet. It is easy to turn any criticism you have of yourself into a more positive self-talk phrase.

Next time you are beating yourself up, give it a try!

It’s Time to Change Your Words, Change Your Mindset

Next time you encounter a problem or a challenge, think about what your instincts tell you to do. Do you tackle it head-on while looking for growth and gratitude? Or is your instinct to complain and focus on the negatives?

Using negative words and thoughts to approach a problem shifts your mindset, which in turn impacts how you see the challenge. Is the challenge something that will keep you stuck? Or is it a growth opportunity in disguise?

It is time for you to stand up and say “I am here for this challenge. I accept this challenge, and I will conquer this challenge, no matter what it takes.”

If you are able to make simple changes to the words you use when facing challenges, you will change your mindset. And if you are able to change your mindset, you can change your life.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use some help with their mindset, this post could be just what they need!

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