60 Positive Affirmations for Self-Love (Learn to Love Yourself)

Positive affirmations for self-love will allow you to truly, and deeply love yourself. People who love themselves look for growth opportunities and are more confident in their decision making. Loving yourself also helps you feel more motivated to achieve goals and recover from pain and trauma.

Using positive affirmations for self-love will allow you to see the greatness that your unique self has to offer this world!

So many of us have difficulty seeing the greatness that we are. We have trouble using kind words when speaking to ourselves. Instead, we often use hateful language and negative self-talk that depreciates our value and self-worth. Often times we speak to ourselves in unkind and unfriendly ways, uttering words we would never say to another person. Why are we so okay with loving on others, yet we forget to love on ourselves?

These 60 positive affirmations for self-love will help you to reprogram your mind to believe the real truth about your self-worth. Practicing the use of daily self-love affirmations has the power to change your entire perception of yourself and the world around you!

What Does Affirmation Mean?

We know that self-love involves being kind to yourself, but what does affirmation mean? The word affirmation means making a statement (in written or spoken form) that something is valid or true. We can affirm someone by saying something positive to them. For example, a parent may affirm their child by reminding them that they are strong and brave.

So how does this connect to positive affirmations for self-love? We can affirm someone by saying something positive to them, but we can also affirm ourselves as well. The idea behind self-love affirmations is that we can say kind and, most importantly, true things to ourselves as well.

For example, picture waking up every morning, looking in the mirror, and telling yourself that you are enough. Not the version of you next week, or next year, or in a decade. The you in the here and now is enough.

How much better would your day be if you spoke to yourself in this way? Imagine how much more intentional you would be with self-love throughout the day. How much better would you feel about yourself? If you continued to remind yourself throughout each and every day that you are enough, how amazing do you think you would feel?

Telling yourself that you are enough, is one example of a positive affirmation for self-love. Using this type of positive self-talk will help you refocus your mind to see yourself as the uniquely beautiful individual that you are!

How Do Affirmations Work?

You may find yourself wondering if positive affirmations for self love actually work. And, if they actually do, how do affirmations work?

If you tell yourself every single day that you that you are:

  • not enough
  • a bad parent
  • dumb
  • incapable

ultimately, you will 100% start to believe these statements to be true, even though they aren’t! Our brains are incredible! If you tell yourself something enough, you will come to believe it as a truth, regardless of whether it is or isn’t true.

Affirmations for self-love remind you about what is actually true. You are enough, you are an amazing parent, you are smart and capable. By telling yourself a more positive story, you are training your brain to listen for the good in yourself.

you are worthy of love

Instead of saying hateful and mean things to ourselves, positive affirmations help to enforce the good and positive qualities we have. The goal is to tell yourself these self-love affirmations on repeat until you truly believe them. If you continue to say the same thing to yourself everyday, you will paint a new picture in your mind.

Positive Affirmations For Self-Love and Growth

When we repeatedly talk and think negatively about ourselves, we start to believe that we are stuck in our ways and cannot change our circumstances.

However, we can learn from the challenges in our lives to embrace the growth that comes from struggle by using these positive affirmations for self-love. Adapting a growth mindset and practicing these self-love affirmations will reinforce your belief in yourself and your commitment to growth.

a plant growing in a hand

#1. I embrace positive thoughts.

#2. Negativity has no place in my life.

#3. I may have failed, but I am not a failure.

#4. Failure does not make me weak.

#5. I am a positive person.

#6. My struggles are opportunities to learn and grow.

#7. I am grateful for this day.

#8. I am becoming the person I want to be.

#9. I am grateful for new opportunities.

#10. I am ready to embrace challenges.

#11. I embrace my flaws.

#12. I am in control of my own actions.

#13. I surround myself with happy, positive people.

#14. I can do anything I put my mind to.

#15. I am not perfect, but I am committed to being my best self.

Powerful Affirmations For Self-Love

Negative self-talk can be damaging to our willpower and motivation. It is easy for the pressures of the world to make us feel weak and powerless.

Using this collection of powerful affirmations for self-love will give you the strength to move whatever mountains you are facing. Using these affirmations and revisiting motivational quotes will inspire you to take action! Stating out loud that you are powerful and have strength will help you believe it. And if you believe it, you will become it!

a woman holding a powerful pose

#16. I am resilient, I am strong.

#17. I can achieve greatness.

#18. I make a difference in the world.

#19. I have the power to change my life.

#20. My confidence makes me powerful.

#21. I shine like a diamond.

#22. I have strength inside me.

#23. Nothing can stop me when I put my mind to it.

#24. I am strong and passionate.

#25. I have a bright light that I will not let the world put out.

Affirmations for Self-Love and Healing

It is common to feel broken, lost, unworthy, and unloved during times of crisis, trauma, and personal defeat. While these feelings can be brought on by the circumstances of our lives, they can also come from within when we aren’t kind to ourselves, or we are feeling anxious or depressed.

We struggle with our purpose and our place in the world when we feel broken. Establishing a good self-care routine and using affirmations for self-love and healing can help us make peace with the past and remember that we are worthy of love and happiness.

a person meditating for healing

#26. I am at peace with my past.

#27. I am not broken.

#28. I am enough.

#29. I am loved.

#30. I am worthy.

#31. I deserve love.

#32. I am beautiful and worthy.

#33. I am deserving of love and happiness.

#34. I am wanted.

#35. I am needed.

#36. I treat myself with respect.

#37. I respect my own boundaries.

#38. I am kind to myself.

#39. My needs matter.

#40. I follow my own heart.

#41. I make time to care for myself.

#42. I deserve to be happy.

#43. I know myself.

#44. I am in control.

#45. When I breathe deeply, I feel calm and at peace.

Affirmations for Self-Love and Confidence

When we love and trust ourselves, we build ourselves up with confidence. Working hard to please others and neglecting your own self-care can make you lose confidence in your decisions and your abilities. Affirmations for self-love and confidence will help you remember that you believe in yourself and that you are capable of anything you put your mind to.

cat seeing itself as a lion

#46. I choose to not apologize for being me.

#47. I believe in myself.

#48. I am proud of my decisions.

#49. I am proud of myself.

#50. I am doing the best that I can.

#51. I love who I am.

#52. I accept myself for who I am.

#53. I am exactly who I was made to be.

#54. I am right where I need to be.

#55. I am the one and only me.

#56. I am who I need to be.

#57. I am true to myself, not the expectations of others.

#58. My life is incredible.

#59. I am unique.

#60. I am filled with gratitude for the amazing person that I am.

How to Self-Love Yourself Using The Best Affirmations For Self-Love

If you want to know how to self-love yourself, choose the best affirmations for self-love from this list and make them visible in your life. Your goal should be to regularly incorporate these affirmations into your daily routine.

Consider printing out your best affirmations for self-love from this list and attach them to your mirror to read out loud every morning and evening. Having a handy toolkit can help remind you when you are experiencing trouble or self-doubt.

Find a good free affirmations app that will send you reminders of self-love right to your phone! If you have a trusted friend or partner, have them keep you accountable to your self-love affirmations while you keep them accountable to theirs!

It can be tough to set goals and achieve them, but if the goal is important to you, you will find a way! The best way to stick to a new routine is to make it a ritual. Attach it to something that you are already doing (like brushing your teeth or making coffee). This lowers the energy required to complete the task.

two hands forming a heart

Another powerful how to self-love yourself strategy is saying your affirmation when you notice yourself feeling insecure or experiencing self-doubt. If you can retrain your brain to react with a positive affirmation when a negative event happens, it will soon become a habit!

Ultimately, you are in control of yourself and the efforts you are willing to put in. Remember that you are worthy of love, you are amazing, and you can do anything you put your mind to! Now it is time to start telling yourself and believing yourself!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who you think would benefit from showing themselves a little self-love, this could be just what they need!

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