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25 Mantras To Remove Negative Energy and Negativity

Have you ever walked into a room and just felt a lack of positive vibes? If you are finding that there is a lot of negative energy around you, a powerful way to channel positive energies is using mantras to remove negative energy.

This list of 25 powerful mantras will give you a set of powerful tools to get rid of bad energy so that you can let the good vibes in!

What are Sources of Negativity?

As you go about your day, you interact with all sorts of positive and negative energy sources. Positive and negative energy can both come from the people you interact with throughout your day, the experiences you have at work, and the interactions you have in your home.

A lot of negative energy can also come from your own thoughts and feelings that you have. The way you react to a stressful situation or a negative experience can be enough to generate all sorts of negative energy or positive or energy that can follow you around.

Benefits of Mantras to Remove Negative Energy

​Using mantras to remove negative energy has numerous benefits that you can take advantage of in your life. 

Purifying Your Thoughts

Using positive affirmations and mantras that focus your thoughts on positivity will surround you with good energy that can help you purify your mind of negative energies.

Clear your mind of negative thoughts and emotions by using affirmations to release negative energy. This will help you focus your attention on the positive vibes that you encounter throughout your day.

Healing Emotional Distress

Mantras to remove negative energy can also help heal emotional damage from past trauma. The traumas of your past carry negative energies with them that can impact your mindset and the way you see your present. Using mantras that focus on healing, forgiveness, compassion, and self-love can aid in emotional healing and help release negative emotions.

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Reduction of Stress

Repeating positive mantras can help you manage stress and anxiety. Using affirmations for confidence in particular can help you boost your self-esteem with a belief that you can take on any challenge that comes your way. Feeling less stress about your daily life will also provide you with a boost in health that will assist you with your overall happiness and wellbeing.

Establishing a Positive Environment

There is power in the words you use! The best way to establish a positive environment at home or at work is to use positive words and positive affirmations everyday!

The sound vibrations that come from positive words help purify and uplift the energy of your space and your environment. This helps you focus your thoughts on making your space more conducive to positive thoughts, emotions, and experiences.

25 Mantras To Remove Negative Energy

There are numerous benefits to removing negative energy from your life. In order to help you remove negative energy and attract more positive energy, we have put together this list of 25 mantras to remove negative energy!

  1. I surround myself with positive energy and good vibes.
  2. I challenge all negative thoughts to leave me forever.
  3. I release all bad energy through mantra meditation.
  4. I shield myself from negative influences and negative emotions.
  5. I strengthen my nervous system against stressful situations.
  6. I step outside and breathe in fresh air to dispel negative vibes.
  7. I pray for the presence of negative energy to be replaced with good luck.
  8. I surrender all negativity to the divine creator of the world.
  9. Cultivating positive thoughts leads to a peaceful life.
  10. When facing health issues, I use potent mantras for healing. 
  11. I believe that breaking a sequence of bad things is possible with positive affirmations.
  12. I believe in embracing bright colors and feng shui to attract positive energies.
  13. I explore effective ways to protect myself from outside influences.
  14. I detach from emotional negativity to cultivate a positive effect.
  15. I harness the power of sound waves for cleansing negative energy.
  16. I focus on good vibrations to overcome a bad day.
  17. I replace negative feelings with love and gratitude for the important things.
  18. I offer prayers with utmost devotion to the powerful gods of protection.
  19. My thoughts protect me from evil powers and evil situations of the world.
  20. Regular practice of mantras removes negative energy and negative thoughts.
  21. I guard myself against astral leeches and negative energy.
  22. I seek divine intervention to neutralize the evil things and evil vibes of the world.
  23. My positive mindset leaves this area with only positive energy.
  24. I protect myself using the utmost devotion to positive energy.
  25. I create an area of positive energy by cleansing my space.
I create an area of positive energy by cleansing my space.

Using Mantras to Remove Negative Energy

Using mantras to remove negative energy is an easy way to clear your home, work, or personal space of negative energy. It can also help you stop absorbing other people’s energy. If you aren’t careful, the bad vibes that come from negative energy can impact all areas of your life, including your personal relationships. 

Choose your favorite powerful mantras from this list and use them regularly to cleanse your space of negative energy and enjoy the benefits of surrounding yourself with positive energy!

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