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How To Use Affirmation Cards (The 6 Best Ways)

Knowing how to use affirmation cards can lead to many positive changes in your life. Positive affirmations are a simple but powerful tool that may be just what you need to start creating the life you want to live!

Let’s get into how to use affirmation cards to make it happen!

How Do Affirmation Cards Work?

Affirmation cards are small pieces of paper that contain short positive statements. A deck of affirmation cards contains a series of different affirmations, all made up of positive words and simple but powerful messages. These messages are designed to inspire and motivate you to feel more positive energy in your life.

There are many benefits of affirmations, but in general these statements inspire positive emotions and a positive attitude. This can help put a stop to negative self-talk and turn negative thoughts around! This in turn will help you stay on track while pursuing the big goals that you have for your life.

One of powerful ways that affirmation cards work is that they help you learn to intentionally invite positive thoughts into your day. Our brains don’t always make positive thinking a priority, so having a powerful tool that you can hold onto and read is a great way to make it happen!

There are many different ways that affirmations cards can be used. We are all on our own unique journey through life with our own challenges and struggles.

We also have our own ideas of what our best life looks like. For example, some may be looking for affirmations for success while others may be looking for affirmations for mindfulness.

The way you use affirmation cards won’t always look the same as someone else’s. And that is okay!

Regardless of how you choose to use them, making affirmation cards a part of your daily routine is sure to bring more positive energy to your everyday life. This will make it possible to live a happier and more fulfilling life as you work toward reaching your goals and dreams!

How to Use Affirmation Cards: The Best 6 Ways

Before you start using your deck of affirmation cards, the most important thing to remember is that there is no wrong way to use them! Only you know the goals and dreams on your heart, and only you know the specific situations that make up your life. Your goal should be to use them in a way that works for you and your own personal goals.

To give you a few ideas of how to use positive affirmation cards, we have put together this list of our 6 favorite ways to keep positive affirmations visible throughout our everyday life.

#1. How to Use Affirmation Cards in Your Journaling

Where do you put affirmation cards? Well, one of the best ways to use them is in your journaling.

Journaling is a great way to reflect on the events of your day. Writing down the thoughts, feelings, and experiences you had throughout your day allows you to take the time to decompress in a meaningful way.

Many people use journaling to process negative thoughts or a specific negative experience from their day. However, it can be hard to make sense of the emotions that come with negative experiences. Using positive affirmation cards is a helpful way to invite positive thinking into your journaling. This can be particularly helpful when you’ve had a hard day but want to hunt for the positive moments!

Affirmation card decks also make excellent journaling prompts. For example, you can choose individual cards that are relevant to what you experienced that day and use them to guide your writing.

Attaching them to your journal as you write will allow you to use positive statements to reflect on the day’s events in positive ways. Consider taping or gluing your cards to your journal to add a visual flare to your writing.

For example, this photo shows how this affirmation deck can be used alongside a journal!

plant themed affirmation cards on a journal

#2. Using Randomized Affirmation Decks for Daily Draws

If you are wondering how to use affirmation cards to make a positive change in your life, daily draws are one of the most effective ways to make it happen! This also happens to be one our top picks on this list because it is the most fun way to use an affirmation deck!

Doing a daily draw from your affirmation cards is simple. First thing in the morning, grab your affirmation deck and shuffle it. Next, draw a random affirmation card from the whole deck to find your affirmation of the day.

Take some time to read and think about the affirmation until you can remember it without looking. As you move throughout your day, aim to think of or say this affirmation regularly. Make it the focus of all that you do.

Allow your affirmation of the day to guide your thoughts, emotions, and feelings. When you encounter conflict or struggle, use your affirmation of the day to guide you and give you strength!

If you come across a specific affirmation in your daily draws that you would like to explore further, set it aside for your daily journaling practice! Keep track of the ways your affirmation of the day showed up for you.

Daily draws are our personal favorite way to use affirmation cards. We love the element of surprise and the feeling of giving control to the universe as it selects the best affirmation cards for each day!

#3. Using Affirmation Cards On Your Vision Board

Vision boards are another effective way to bring positive change into your life. Creating a vision board allows you to create a visual representation of the dreams and goals that you have for your life.

The most effective vision boards combine pictures, positive phrases, and other personal items to inspire and motivate change. If you have ever created a vision board, you know how helpful it is to have inspirational affirmations displayed. Connecting your favorite affirmations to your goals is a powerful way to stay motivated to create your dream life!

Select the individual cards from your deck that are most relevant to your vision board. Include them as visual elements to create a cool display that will give your board some flare and focus! Then, hang your vision board somewhere you will see it regularly so that you can keep you affirmations visible.

minimalist affirmation cards

#4. Place Your Affirmation Cards All Over!

Scattering your affirmation deck all over your home, office, or personal space is another spontaneous way to keep positive messages on your mind all day long.

Think about the high-traffic areas of your home or workspace. Where do you spend most of your time? Where are the places that you could leave positive messages for yourself? Consider placing your cards in places where you experience negative thoughts or have had a negative experience.

Attach your favorite cards to your bathroom mirror, the fridge, or any other place that you visit often. Every time you visit these areas you will be reminded of your pursuit of a positive mindset!

#5. How to Use Affirmation Cards During Mediation

Taking a dedicated mindfulness or meditation break is a powerful spiritual practice and wellness tool. However, it isn’t always easy to find time to focus inward without allowing your mind to wander.

Daily affirmation cards are an effective way to intentionally bring positive thoughts to the front of your mind.

Try randomly drawing a card from your deck, or choosing a specific affirmation that is fitting. Take deep breaths, holding each for a few seconds before exhaling. While you do this, repeat your affirmation in your mind over and over. Pay attention to how your mind and body feel as you focus inward and connect with your chosen affirmation.

Using affirmation cards during meditation will help you stay focused on the present moment while drawing your focus toward positive thoughts and feelings. This will have a lasting impression on your day!

#6. Give Affirmation Cards as a Gift

Do you ever find yourself unable to find the perfect gift for a loved one? Is it hard for you to come up with meaningful and personal gifts for the people you care about?

A deck of positive affirmation cards is a thoughtful and personal gift that will help make a difference in your loved one’s life! If the person you are buying for isn’t familiar with how to use affirmation cards, share your favorite way from this list to help get them started!

If you are looking for your own set (or a set for a loved one), check out our personal collection of printable affirmation card decks! We created each of these decks by hand for use in our own home and with our own family. We love using affirmation cards to remind us of the powerful ways affirmations can help us reach our goals for our lives!

Choose a minimalist affirmation deck or a stylish boho deck and use your favorite ideas from this list to start building your dream life!

manifestation affirmation cards

Are Affirmation Cards Worth It?

Affirmation cards are a powerful tool that can bring lasting positive change in your life. If you are interested in learning how to use affirmation cards, they are worth trying out!

If you aren’t sure where to start, choose your favorite ideas from this list and jump right in!

No matter how you use them, they are guaranteed to help you refocus your mind on strong positive and motivational thoughts. This will in turn attract more positive energy in your life.

As you learn how to use affirmation cards, remember that there is no right or wrong way! There are different approaches for different circumstances and different people. The ideas on this list are here as a guide to help you get started.

Once you have found what works for you, the key is to incorporate it into your regular practice. This will help you stay disciplined and make a new habit of regularly using positive statements to build yourself up throughout the day.

And before long, you will find yourself creating the life that you want to live!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who would love to learn how to use affirmation cards, this could be just the post that they need!

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