‘You Are Enough’ Meaning (and motivation to Start Believing It!)

Do you struggle with the feeling that you just aren’t enough? That you aren’t a good enough partner, parent, employee, or friend? As it turns out, this is a common fear we all experience. And the truth is, you are enough – meaning, you are worthy.

As you are. Without any conditions.

Owning your story and learning to show up as your true authentic self is something that we write about often at Joyful Through It All. We believe that this is one of the keys to living a life you want to live, full of big goals and dream chasing.

So let’s get into the meaning of this important phrase so that you can start believing that you are enough!

You Are Enough – Meaning Behind the Phrase

It has probably been said to you before: you are enough. Meaning is important though if a phrase is really going to mean something to you and motivate you to make a change.

So what is the you are enough meaning?

The idea behind this phrase is that you are enough as you are right now in this moment. There is nothing that you need to do to make yourself more than you are in order to become enough.

You are worthy as you are. You are enough, meaning that there is nothing you need to change about yourself to be more worthy of love or attention, or to belong.

In her book Daring Greatly, Brené Brown describes a common ‘shame based fear of being ordinary’ that we all experience. We fear that we if we don’t stand out from being ordinary, we won’t be enough.

And when we feel like we are not enough, we start telling ourselves stories that limit what we are capable of doing with our lives. These limiting beliefs become our truths, which continue to tell us that we are not enough.

What Does Enough Mean?

We live in a world that tells us we are not enough on a daily basis. We aren’t doing enough with the time we have, we don’t have enough stuff, and we don’t make enough money.

And when you feel that you are not enough, it is easy to fall into the trap of constantly hustling to prove that you are enough. This is incredibly exhausting and makes it difficult to live a wholehearted life that puts your true authentic self first.

Here’s the thing – the word enough has no meaning unless you make a comparison to something else. For example, the statement ‘I’m not good enough‘ begs the question: for what? Or for who?

So what does ‘enough’ mean? Well, the dictionary tells us that it means ‘as much as required’. You, and only you can decide how much is required from you.

Now, we all have responsibilities that require us to meet a basic requirement. At work, we are required to do our jobs. And at home, it is important that we love and support our families.

But what we are not required to do is hustle so hard at work to prove that we are worthy that we end up burnt out without time and energy for our loved ones.

Who Tells Us We Aren’t Enough?

There are many times throughout our lives when we are told that we are not enough. The feelings you have about whether or not you are enough are unique to you. But in general, these are a few sources that influence how you feel about your worthiness.

Family and Friends

Depending on your family values, you may have been taught that success and a good job makes you worthy. You may have been taught that owning lots of stuff makes you enough.

The friends we spend time with also influence whether we believe we are enough or not. When we feel that we belong, we are accepted while being our true and authentic selves. However, if we have to adjust ourselves to ‘fit in’, we are more likely to experience feelings of not being enough.

We carry the messages we are sent from our family and friends into our adult years. Because of this, at this point in your life you may be comparing yourself to what was expected of you when you were younger. As a result, you may feel that you are not enough.

Social Media

Social media is a dangerous tool that we use to make comparisons between ourselves and others – sometimes without even realizing it. This in turn influences how we feel about being enough.

It is natural to compare ourselves to those around us. We look to others to see how we measure up, and if we fall short, the fear of not being enough becomes real.

Social media is filled with the best and most exciting things. When you are sitting at home in your pajamas, scrolling through your feed, it is very easy to feel inadequate. You just can’t measure up to the highlight reel in front of you.

This can make us feel that what we are doing isn’t enough.

But comparisons like this can be dangerous. It is important to remember that most of what you see on social media isn’t 100% authentic. Comparisons made on social media can be dangerous because they can make it harder to see the joy that is special and unique in your life.

As a result, consider taking a break from social media if you struggling with feelings that you aren’t enough.

How to Form Your Own You Are Enough Meaning

There are a few things you can do to start finding the meaning behind you are enough.

Change Your Mindset

Your mindset is the key to believing that you are enough. There are many different mindsets, but it is important that you choose one that allows you to see yourself as a person who is trying their best and growing.

This can be tricky because it requires you to be vulnerable, admit that you are not perfect, and embrace your flaws. It is only then that you can truly start believing that you are enough.

Affirmations and Quotes

Another way to form your own you are enough meaning is to use affirmations for self-doubt.

When we repeat statements that tell us we are enough, our brains start to think and see things differently. Instead of seeing all of our shortcomings, affirmations help us see our strengths so that we can believe that we are enough.

There are also plenty of you are enough quotes that will inspire you to believe this about yourself. In Brené Brown’s Daring Greatly, she explores our feelings of worthiness and belonging. Check out our favorite inspirational you are enough quotes from Daring Greatly.

Stop Hustling, Start Believing!

The truth is, you are enough just as you are – meaning that nothing that you can do, buy, or collect will make you more worthy of being enough.

If you are hustling to prove yourself at work or at home, it is probably because you are making a comparison to an unrealistic standard. Take some time to think about where you are feeling pressure to perform better than what you are. If it is coming from your own mind and heart, practice telling yourself that you are enough.

As Brené Brown puts it “no matter what gets done, and what is left undone, I am enough”. It is time to stop the hustling game. You are enough.

If you are looking for more inspiration, check out our list of I am worthy affirmations. Use these short positive statements to transform your self-worth today!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who struggles with believing that they are enough, this post could be the push they need!

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