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80 Common Limiting Beliefs Examples That Are Holding You Back

Are you tired of feeling like you’re not able to reach your goals? Do you feel like you are stuck in your life with no way to get yourself out of your rut? If so, you may be facing some limiting beliefs examples that are holding you back.

In order to help you break free from the constraints you have put on yourself, let’s dig into 80 common limiting beliefs examples that are holding you back from reaching your potential and living your biggest, most ambitious life.

Limiting Beliefs Meaning

Understanding the limiting beliefs meaning will help you break free from the hold they have on your life. Limiting beliefs restrict how you see your life unfolding and what you are able to accomplish. They are that loud, annoying voice inside your held that is holding you back from your big crazy life goals.

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The limiting beliefs that you have about yourself and what you are capable of are what keep you stuck in what you are doing. They keep you from growing and exploring other exciting opportunities because you “aren’t that kind of person”, or “don’t have enough money for that”.

Many times, you may not even realize you have limiting beliefs about yourself. Over time, we become accustomed to listening to the voice in our heads. This voice shapes all the decisions we make, the way we see ourselves, and what we are capable of. Negative beliefs about ourselves can be so damaging that they impact our motivation – one of the most important contributors to our success.

Your Beliefs and Your Mindset

A fixed mindset is a way of looking at the world that sees skills and characteristics as fixed traits that cannot be improved upon. When we use limiting belief statements, we often use them to excuse ourselves from growth. Doing this keeps us stuck in our lives rather than pushing to reach our potential.

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By contrast, a growth mindset believes that with hard work and dedication, any obstacle can be overcome. Struggles are seen as opportunities when a growth mindset is used. As you read these limiting beliefs examples, think about how you could change each statement to take action, rather than using the limiting belief as a way out.

To learn more about how the power of a growth mindset can be used to overcome limiting beliefs, check out our top 5 takeaways from Carol Dweck’s Mindset.

Self-Limiting Beliefs Examples About Yourself

Limiting beliefs examples that involve negative self-talk are some of the most hurtful and restricting statements we can make about ourselves. When you declare that you are not something, you rob yourself of the opportunity to show yourself that you are that something.

Many of the limiting beliefs we have about ourselves negatively impact the value we see in ourselves. This can cause us to struggle with self-love. Practice self-love by using positive affirmations for self-love to transform the following limiting beliefs examples into self-love statements. These examples of self-limiting beliefs are some of the most powerful and restricting beliefs we hold about ourselves that keep us from reaching our potential.

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#1. I’m not good enough.

#2. I’m too old.

#3. I’m too young.

#4. I’m not thin enough.

#5. I’m not pretty enough.

#6. I’m not smart enough.

#7. I’m too shy.

#8. I’m too big.

#9. I’m not brave enough.

#10. I am not that type of person.

#11. I’m too selfish.

#12. I’m too out of shape.

#13. I’m too tired.

#14. I can’t help it.

#15. It’s not my fault.

#16. I can’t do it.

#17. I am terrible at everything.

#18. I don’t have what it takes.

#19. I’m not strong enough.

#20. I am not creative enough.

Limiting Beliefs Examples About Your Job

Our work requires us to apply our skills to complete tasks. When things get tough, it is easy to listen to the voice inside that uses our limiting beliefs to convince us we are not good enough to perform.

When you feel your skills aren’t good enough, remember that a growth mindset believes that skills can be developed through practice and hard work. Take these limiting beliefs examples and rephrase them into action statements that drive you forward in your work toward your goals!

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#21. I’m not good enough at this.

#22. This job is too hard for me.

#23. I can’t just quit my job.

#24. I’m terrible at this job.

#25. I will never find another job.

#26. I don’t have the skills that I need.

#27. I don’t have enough experience.

#28. My coworkers are so much better then me.

#29. Someone else has already done it better.

#30. I’ll never be as good as them.

#31. I’ll be stuck here forever.

#32. I just don’t get paid enough.

#33. I’m already working my hardest.

#34. My boss is too hard on me.

#35. I’ll never like my job.

Limiting Beliefs About Life and Relationships

When we hold limiting beliefs about ourselves, they often spill over into other areas of our lives. The way we interact with obstacles in our lives is also affected when we listen to our limiting beliefs.

These limiting beliefs also impact how we believe others see us, which in turn impacts our relationships with others. Try to dig deep and get to the bottom of these sorts of statements that we make and believe about ourselves. Are they true? Or are they a result of our own limiting beliefs being projected onto others?

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#36. I don’t have time for that.

#37. People think I’m crazy.

#38. I am always judged for everything I do.

#39. I can’t be myself.

#40. I never have time for myself.

#41. I am always right.

#42. I am always wrong.

#43. I am unlovable.

#44. I will never meet someone who will tolerate me.

#45. I am too broken for a relationship.

#46. I am a terrible friend.

#47. I am too clingy.

#48. I am too quiet to meet new people.

#49. No one understands me.

#50. I am too much.

Beliefs We Get From Our Parents

Children do not come with instruction manuals. Whether it is intentional or not, some of the most powerful self-limiting beliefs examples come from our parents. This makes sense since our parents are so instrumental in helping us form our identities.

Limiting beliefs from parents happen when we are told by our parents that we are or are not supposed to do certain things. Since families all have their own values, it is natural for parents to want to instil those values in their children.

Here are a few examples of self-limiting beliefs that can come from our parents, even when they mean well.

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#51. I have to be perfect.

#52. I am only loved if...

#53. It isn’t acceptable for me to make mistakes.

#54. This is just the way I am.

#55. I am only successful if I have lots of money.

#56. My interests are a waste of time.

#57. I have to go to a good school.

#58. I have to get a good job.

#59. I have to have the best of the best.

#60. I am not that kind of person.

Limiting Beliefs About Money

Limiting ourselves to the beliefs we have about ourselves also impacts how we interact with money. The way we spend our money is directly related to our self-confidence and how secure we feel in our lives. The way we were raised and the experiences we have all shape the beliefs we have about ourselves and our finances.

What story do you tell yourself about your finances? Do you allow your limiting beliefs to make your financial decisions for you? How many of these limiting beliefs examples do you tell yourself regularly?

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#61. I grew up poor, so I will always be poor.

#62. I will always be in debt.

#63. I’ll never pay off this mortgage.

#64. I’ll never have enough money to feel secure.

#65. I have to work all the time or I will go broke.

#66. I’ll just pay myself back.

#67. I will pay off my credit card eventually.

#68. I can live comfortably in debt.

#70. Everything would be okay if I was paid more.

#71. If I could just buy it all, I would be happy.

#72. I don’t need a budget.

#73. I get paid a lot so I don’t need to save money.

#74. I will worry about saving money when I’m older.

#75. My family is rich so I don’t need to worry about my finances.

Beliefs We Have About Success That Keep Us From Succeeding

We all have our own definition of success. However, with it comes our own set of beliefs about ourselves that hold us back from reaching our own version of success.

It is possible to overcome the following set of common self-limiting beliefs examples. Setting goals that are SMART and value-driven will help you reach the goals you set for yourself.

Often times, we give up on our goals because we just don’t have the perseverance to make them a reality. This isn’t something to be ashamed of though! Sometimes we just need an extra push. Consider using quotes about grit to help motivate you to find your own special blend of passion and perseverance to help you achieve your wildest and craziest goals.

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#76. I don’t need to set goals, I work hard enough as it is.

#77. I’ll never get there.

#78. I might as well give up.

#79. It’s not worth it when I know I will fail.

#80. I’ll just do it later.

How to Overcome Limiting Beliefs

As you read through the list above, how many of the limiting beliefs examples do you believe about yourself? You won’t be alone if you identified with a lot of them.

At some point in our lives, we start telling ourselves a specific story about ourselves. After a while, we start to believe this story, and this shapes our entire reality. Our negative self-talk becomes the story we believe about ourselves.

So how do we change this?

In order to truly battle these limiting beliefs examples, it is important to choose a mindset that helps you understand that you are a growing person. You are a work in progress, and that is okay! This doesn’t make you broken, and it doesn’t make you alone. Everyone has limiting beliefs about themselves. The difference is, you are actively looking for a way to do something about it!

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Start by writing down your top ten self-limiting beliefs from this list. Set a goal to tackle and overcome these. Use positive affirmations for self-doubt to build the confidence to take on your own mind. Once you’ve tackled ten, tackle ten more!

Start telling yourself a different story about your life, your job, your relationships, your money, and your success. Rewrite the beliefs you have about yourself. Instead of thinking you can’t, it is time to start believing that you can!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who you think could use some help overcoming their own limiting beliefs, this post could be what they need to start telling themselves a different story!

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