Change Your Monday Mindset (and Change Your Whole Week)

Do you go to sleep every Sunday night dreading the Monday morning that awaits you when you wake up? If so, it is time to make a change to your Monday mindset!

“Mondays, am I right?”

We’ve all had that conversation with a co-worker. It serves no purpose other than to validate how sucky it is to have to go to work on a Monday morning! This common ‘Monday mindset’ is a barrier to having a great week for so many people.

So let’s get into some Monday mindset motivation to turn your week around before it even starts!

What is Monday Mindset?

Your Monday mindset is the way of thinking you carry with you into your week. It controls how you respond to everything that happens to you from Monday morning all the way into and including the weekend.

There are many types of mindsets, but you have a choice in the mindset you use (on Monday and every day!). And the choice you make will have a major impact on your Monday, your week, and your life.

For example, you might choose a growth mindset and the willingness to embrace the challenges of the week. Making this choice means making the best of what you are given. It means looking for the learning opportunities in the setbacks and obstacles of the week.

The opposite of a growth mindset is a fixed mindset that makes you feel discouraged by the obstacles Monday brings. A fixed mindset believes that failure makes us weak. And Mondays leave room for plenty of failures and setbacks!

How to Change Your Monday Mindset

So, your mindset is important. But it can be hard to choose the right one to start your week. So how do you change your Monday mindset? Let’s look at 3 easy things you can do to start right now!

#1. Change The Way You Think About Monday Morning

Mondays have this bad reputation that they are the ‘end of the weekend’. And weekends are fun and enjoyable because you don’t have to go to work!

This is just one perspective on Mondays that really sets your Monday morning up poorly.

When we think about Mondays like this, it takes all the energy in the world (and lots of coffee) to just get out of bed. And the morning just goes downhill from there until you finally get to work. And when you get there, the odds are you will end up having one of those ‘Mondays, am I right’ conversations with your co-workers.

Changing the way you think about Monday morning is actually pretty easy. Instead of seeing it as the end of the weekend, change your mindset to think of Monday as the beginning of the week.

Beginnings bring potential. Every Monday morning is ripe with potential for you to do and try new things.

If you spend your morning fixating on the things you no longer get to do, you are going to miss out on a lot of opportunities to start your week off right.

Check out our list of 115 powerful motivational quotes to transform your Monday mindset and change the way you think about Monday mornings!

#2. Change the Way You Speak to Others About Mondays

So, you’ve managed to get control of your Monday mindset and the story you tell yourself about Mondays. Now it is time to change the way you speak to your family, friends, and co-workers about Mondays.

The words that we use have a powerful impact on our mindset. And since our mindset controls how we interpret the things that happen to us, it is important that we choose our words carefully.

If you are one of those Monday morning monsters that just complains about Mondays to whoever you talk to, you aren’t going to have a great start to your week. Odds are the people you speak to will also have their Monday impacted negatively by your comments.

Many people make small talk by asking about what people did with their weekend. But doing this only reminds you and the person you are talking to that it isn’t the weekend anymore!

Instead, consider asking your friends, family, and co-workers what they plan to do with the week ahead. Ask them what they are looking forward to, and if there are any exciting challenges they are gearing up to tackle.

This is a subtle way of injecting some positivity into a conversation and has the power to make a positive change in your own Monday mindset and the mindset of others!

#3. Change Your Monday Mindset Morning Routine

Another reason people struggle with Mondays is because they remind us of how our jobs can make every day feel the same.

In general, we get up, get ready, and go to work. Then we come home and have to try to cram life into the last hours of the day before we rinse and repeat.

This is a pretty bleak outlook on life, and it doesn’t have to be this way!

Next Monday, pick something fresh and crazy to try to shake up your morning and kickstart a positive Monday mindset. This could be as simple as making a special Monday morning breakfast, going for a walk before you go to work, or waking up an hour early to do something special for yourself.

If All Else Fails…

If you’ve tried all of these things and you are still struggling with your Monday mindset, it may be time to think about making a bigger change.

I do believe that it is always possible to find something to be grateful for in your work, and you can always look for a new challenge to reinvigorate your feelings toward your work.

But sometimes you may feel that your Monday mindset is causing you more stress in your life than you think you can manage. If this is the case, you may want to consider looking for other jobs that are better suited to your strengths and passions.

For me, this is what led me to quit teaching.

I found that the conditions of the job and the demands it was placing on my personal life were too much to maintain a healthy Monday mindset. For the longest time I was one of those Monday morning monsters. I hated the job I had and was in desperate need of a change. You can learn more about why I quit teaching on our YouTube channel.

In my current job, my Monday mindset is the same as my mindset throughout the week. I am deeply engaged in challenges that excite me and help me grow.

On most Mondays you will see me jumping out of bed and running to my computer to get started on whatever I’m working on. Because I’m so excited, I don’t even realize it’s Sunday morning!

Choose Your Monday Mindset

Remember that your mindset is everything. If you have a Monday mindset that sets you up to embrace the challenges of Monday morning, your week will thank you!

However, if you have a poor Monday mindset and complain to your friends, family, and co-workers, your week will be full of struggles and challenges. And without the right mindset, you will miss out on all the growth your week has to offer!

So rather than being one of those ‘Mondays, am I right?’ people, it is time to change to a positive Monday mindset.

Need more motivation? Check out our list of the best good Monday morning inspirational quotes and light a fire in your soul that will carry you all the way through to the weekend!

Okay Monday. It’s go time. Do your worst!

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