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Best Manifestation Methods That Actually Work

Manifestation is the idea that with positive and intentional thoughts, you can turn your thoughts, beliefs, and dreams into reality. The key to manifesting anything you want is having an action plan in place that uses the best manifestation methods.

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As you will soon see, there are many different manifesting methods. There are also many competing views on the best manifestation methods. Many people believe that the best way to manifest is by writing down manifestations. Others believe that manifestation is more spiritual in nature. Although these are each excellent approaches, there are also many different manifesting methods that can be just as effective to turn your dreams into your reality.

Here I will share the best manifestation methods, and only the manifestation methods that work. The Internet is full of approaches that claim manifestation is some sort of magic that makes your wishes come true if you just believe in them. This approach focuses mostly on the end goal, without the effort needed to get there.

While there are many different manifesting methods, it is important to note that no manifestation method will work if you aren’t willing to put an actionable plan into place to reach your goals. This is true for all of the best manifestation methods that actually work.

So, let’s get into these tips to manifest anything you want in life with the best manifestation methods that will actually work.

Different Manifesting Methods: How to Manifest on Paper

One of the best manifestation methods that is quite popular is manifesting on paper. If you want to learn how to manifest on paper, consider these ideas to get you started.

The idea behind writing manifestations down on paper is that you are consciously taking a moment to pause and put your dreams into writing. As you write, say your dreams to yourself in your head. Focus on how it feels to see your dreams in your own writing. This provides your mind with an opportunity to fully process what you are attempting to manifest. This is a similar concept to how writing notes by hand in school helps students remember ideas!

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How to Manifest Something by Writing it Down: Journaling and More

There are a few different approaches to writing down manifestations that you can take depending on your preference. If you are interested in journaling, consider these manifestation journal methods:

  • Journaling: Keeping a generalized journal that allows for freedom to write whatever you want. I find that when I try to narrow my focus too much, I struggle to commit to journaling. Consider using this idea to brainstorm or reflect on small steps you are taking to work toward achieving your goals.
  • A gratitude journal: Every day you can write a few things you are grateful for. Seeing the positive in your life and intentionally recognizing it in writing will help you seek out more positive opportunities in your life. Create a new entry every night to make a habit out of it!
  • Repetitive journaling: Wake up every day and write the exact same sentence in your journal. By doing this, you make a habit out of intentionally declaring what you intend to manifest. As it becomes part of your morning routine, you will seek out ways to bring your dreams to life throughout your day.
  • Use daily affirmations: Find your favorite daily affirmations and commit to writing them on your washroom mirror every morning. These types of statements improve your self-confidence and self-love, which will help you believe in manifesting whatever your dreams are!

Using these approaches will help you understand how to manifest something by writing it down. Remember to clear your head and focus on the words you are writing. Allow yourself to internalize your thoughts and beliefs about your goals.

It is also helpful to focus on small steps you plan on taking in order to fully manifest your dreams. There are many different manifesting methods that involve journaling, so choose the one that is right for you!

Different Ways to Manifest: Refining Your Focus

The things that you want to focus on manifesting will determine the approach you take to manifesting. It will also help you select the best manifestation methods to apply.

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For example, if you want to manifest the courage to quit your job, it might make sense for you to rely on positive affirmations that remind you how confident in yourself and your decisions you are. You may choose to write these messages on your mirror or in your journal in order to manifest the courage to quit.

Here I will share different manifesting methods to help you sharpen your focus on what you are aiming to manifest.

Best manifestation methods: Using a Growth Mindset

You will see that many of the best manifestation methods rely heavily on the concept of a growth mindset. In simple terms, having a growth mindset means that you believe anything is possible with hard work and dedication. People who have a growth mindset believe that obstacles exist to provide us with opportunities to better ourselves. We find growth by overcoming challenges.

By contrast, a fixed mindset believes that even with hard work and effort, people are born with fixed traits that cannot be changed. When you use a fixed mindset, we avoid challenges and obstacles and failure is a sign of weakness. If you are a person who is expecting to snap your fingers and achieve your goals, it may be possible that you are locked into your fixed mindset self.

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We know that there are different manifesting methods. But you need to understand that it is not simply a matter of putting your wish out into the universe, and then suddenly coming into a million dollars. It is possible to become very wealthy in your life. But to manifest this dream, you need to put in the effort and persevere through the setbacks along the way! Having a good understanding of what a growth mindset is and how to use it will serve you well in your pursuit of the best manifestation methods.

Think about what you are attempting to manifest. Sharpen your focus. Ask yourself if your goals and dreams are really possible without putting in effort and hard work. Despite what some people on the Internet claim, in most cases, manifesting requires intentional effort and perseverance through obstacles. Taking a growth mindset approach to sharpen your focus is one of many manifestation methods that work. This approach helps remind you of your role in making your dreams come true.

Surround Yourself with Good, Positive People

One of the central principles of the law of attraction is that positive thoughts bring forth positive experiences. The same is true for negative thoughts and experiences. The people we surround ourselves with directly influence the thoughts and experiences we have.

Obviously, if you are around negative people all day, you will start to see the negatives. This is true even if you are someone with unwavering positivity. We see this all the time in toxic work environments. The co-workers that complain to bring others to their cause eventually wear down even the most growth-minded of us!

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One of the best manifestation methods is to make a choice to surround yourself with positive people. Positive people inspire us to see the good all around us. You will notice that I used ‘make a choice’ very deliberately here. This method involves other people, but there is still action that is required of you to use this manifestation method.

Changing the people we surround ourselves with can be difficult. Doing this may involve making changes to your work environment, or setting boundaries in your important relationships. Declaring to ourselves that we are intentionally working hard to manifest something important in our lives takes courage.

Determine Your Why

When it comes to finding manifestation methods that work, it is important to consider why you are aiming to manifest a given desire. Motivation is important and one of the key indicators of success!

Understanding the why behind a desire is very telling of our values. If you are aiming to manifest being rich and famous, this tells you a lot about what you value. If your lifestyle doesn’t align with your desires, it will be very difficult to manifest them.

By contrast, if you set goals that are based on values that you hold in your life, you will find it easier to manifest them because they are important to you. We readily see things that we think are important in our lives. This is similar to the way the law of attraction helps us see more positive things when we have positive thoughts.

If you are looking for manifestation methods that work, it is important to think long and hard about the reasons for wanting to manifest a given desire. If your dreams don’t truly connect with who you are deep down, you will find it harder to make them your reality.

Different Manifesting Methods: Healthy Habits

Committing to living a life of healthy habits is important when using different manifesting methods. The best manifestation methods are the easiest when you are living your best and healthiest life. So much of seeing positives in life depends on your mind and body feeling healthy and well.

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Think about the last time you had a full night’s sleep of 8 uninterrupted hours (it may be very hard to do this!). Odds are, you probably woke up feeling rested, relaxed, and ready to take on the world. On a day like this, you are much more likely to seek out positive opportunities to help you manifest your dreams.

The following are practical ideas for self-care that will help you focus on the positives:

  • Meditation: Carve out 15 minutes a day to sit in quiet reflection. Focus on your breathing to reorient your mind and focus on the best manifestation methods you have chosen.
  • Positive Affirmations and Affirmations for Self-Love: Taking the time to be kind to yourself and and build yourself up will help you find the confidence to apply any of the best manifestations methods you wish to use.
  • Go Screen-Free for a Day: You will be surprised by how much more focused your brain can be on positive things if you remove the distractions of social media and Netflix. Even just for a day!

There are many more ideas for self-care that you can use to carve out a routine that supports your manifestation goals. Practicing healthy habits and taking care of your mind and body will help you seek out the positives around you.

Different Ways to Manifest: Visual Representations

We know that the best manifestation methods involve placing our dreams and goals in front of us. We have looked at how to manifest something by writing it down, but we can take this one step further by creating a vision board.

vision board for manifesting

Making a vision board is an excellent way of seeing what we want to see. Vision boards allow you to think into the future about what you want your life to be like. You then select images and inspirational quotes for your vision board that you believe will help you make your dreams a reality.

To use a vision board as one of the best manifestation methods, place it in an area of your home that you use often. This way, you will be reminded of the desires you have that you are working to manifest. As a result, you will start to see the opportunities in your life to work toward making your dreams a reality.

Using affirmation cards is another great way to make your affirmations visible. Doing a random draw in the morning will help you select an affirmation to focus on throughout the day. Or try using affirmation cards as journal prompts at the end of the day!

Try using an affirmation deck to keep your affirmations visible throughout your day. This simple practice can help you manifest your positivity, self-love, and more!

The Last Thing You Do Before Bed

There are many different manifesting methods and competing views on what the best manifestation methods are. Ultimately, it only makes sense that you have to take action to make something happen in your life. The idea is not to sit back on the couch and just think your goals into action.

You have to truly want to see your dreams in action everywhere in your life. Writing down manifestations by using manifestation journal methods and creating a vision board as a visual reminder will help with this.

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When the day is done and the house is finally quiet, you are left with only your thoughts as you fall asleep. You have a choice in how you spend the last moments of your day. Sure, you can scroll through your feed mindlessly. Or, you can use these last precious moments in the day to repeat the things you want for yourself and your life over and over as you fall asleep.

As a result, you will find yourself dreaming of the life you will wake up to tomorrow. And that life will be full of small but intentional steps toward manifesting your dreams.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who is working hard to manifest their goals and dreams, this may be the extra push they need!

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