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Why Motivation Is Important (and necessary In Your Life)

Are you a goal setter that is working away at achieving the impossible? Or are you someone who is struggling with finding the motivation you need in your life. Regardless, understanding why motivation is important is necessary in your life.

Motivation is important because saying “I can’t” is so much easier than the action required to believe that you can. Anyone is capable of achieving greatness in their life if they believe that they can. However, achieving greatness requires action. Action that more often than not we don’t want to put in.

This is where motivation comes in.

Why is Motivation Important?

No one in this world is going to care about your goals and life dreams more than you do. And no one is going to wake you up in the morning and tell you to get your butt moving and strive for greatness.

Setting and achieving your deepest life’s desires is an internal battle within yourself. A battle that you choose whether you will win or lose. Every single day.

This internal battle is why motivation is important. When you fail, when you lose, and when you win. But you can’t win without losing and picking yourself back up again. You can’t win without the motivation to try over and over again.

never stop dreaming

This is exactly why motivation is important. It’s important today, tomorrow and every single day. Without motivation, you can be sure that you will find excuse after excuse to not pursue your life goals.

But enough is enough! If you want something bad enough, it’s time for you to understand why motivation is important and stop making excuses.

It is time to get your life on the path of your dreams! These 10 reasons why motivation is important will get you started and motivated right now!

Top 10 Reasons Why Motivation is Important

There are a million reasons why motivation is important in your life. Motivation is the key to success after all! But you don’t have all day to sit here and read a million reasons. You have crazy dreams in your heart and you’ve been holding yourself back for far too long as it is!

So as you read this list of 10 reasons why motivation is important, I want you to think of that true desire in your heart. The one that sets your soul on fire. The dream that you can’t stop thinking about pursuing if your limiting beliefs would just stop holding you back.

It’s time for you to start being great and showing this world the absolute greatness that you have to offer.

#1. Motivation Helps Push You Through Setbacks

Everyone on the pursuit of greatness experiences setbacks. But only those with a strong sense of motivation will push through these setbacks and come out on the other side stronger than ever. The rest will go back to leading a life of complacent mediocracy, dreaming of their life’s desires that will never be fulfilled.

You see, without great failure there cannot be great success. Motivation will help guide you through the setbacks that you experience so that your are able to learn valuable lessons.

if you never know failure you will never know success

Taking steps to actively develop a growth mindset is an important way that you can improve your motivation. People who use a growth mindset are able to search through setbacks and obstacles in order to find growth opportunities. Rather than feeling defeated and giving up, these people dig for how they can do better next time.

If you need inspiration to help you build your growth mindset, there are many inspirational quotes about growth mindset that will help you understand the power of this tool. You can also read our top 5 key takeaways from Carol Dweck’s Mindset, a book from a leading researcher on growth mindset.

#2. Motivation Helps You To Build New Skills

Here at Joyful Through It All, we believe that no matter what your life goals and dreams are, you have the ability to pursue them. We believe that you can have any life you choose for yourself if you make the choice to put in the work to live that life.

I’m not going to sit here and tell you that achieving your life’s greatest goals and accomplishments will be easy. But I will tell you that I believe you are capable of living the life of your dreams, and you should believe it too.

So why is self motivation important if this is true? Well, because sometimes we need to learn new skills and habits to help bring our dreams a little closer to us. Motivation allows us to lean on the skills we already have to build new skills to scale our efforts and pursue the life we want. If we have drive and motivation in our life, we can learn anything we need to build new skills. This allows us to pursue the life of our dreams.

Think of all the time you have spent in the last month passively watching television or poking your phone. Imagine what skills you could develop if you put this time toward learning something new! Where could these skills take you?

a stack of books

#3. Motivation Increases Your Productivity Level

So you’re at work and you’re bored of the task that your boss has assigned you. What’s the first thing you do? I’m willing to bet that 9 times out of 10, your mind jumps first to social media!

Passive temptations such as social media are a perfect example of why motivation is so important. Social media is an excellent way to ruin your productivity level! If you want to be more motivated and productive, you should first and foremost consider quitting social media if it’s destroying your creativity and productivity levels.

If you have no motivation to do something, you can bet you will be highly unproductive. However, if you are actually actively enjoying the projects that you are engaged in, and have the motivation to complete the task at hand, you will find your productivity level skyrocket.

For example, what should you be doing right now? Maybe it’s cleaning the house, folding the laundry, or doing work. Whatever it is, it’s definitely not getting done right now! But what if you had the motivation to actually complete the task? I bet you would be much more productive and the task would get done!

#4. Motivation Inspires Others

Imagine if you woke up and flew out of bed every morning out of pure joy. As if the excitement for all the awesome stuff you get to do that day is just too much to handle.

Do you think those around you would start noticing? Your spouse, kids, roommate, parents or friends would probably start to wonder what is in your heart that has you so giddy to fly out of bed in the morning. What is your secret!

Having the motivation to achieve your wildest dreams will inspire others to do the same. For example, imagine you chose to be the greatest parent on the entire planet every day. If your spouse watched you do this with such enthusiasm and grace, don’t you think they would start to realize that they were falling a little short? Do you think this would motivate them to try harder?

a mother hugging her children

Whether you are a parent, a partner, or neither, this example can apply to any aspect of your life. Whether it is your circle of friends, or your coworkers, having the motivation to do great things will inspire others to do the same. So if you are wondering why motivation is important, you can make a huge change in the life of someone close to you who might really need you.

Be a person that pushes others out of their comfort zone. And be a person who shows others why motivation is important!

#5. Motivation Is The Key to Success

As my husband was approaching the end of his teaching career, he was struggling to find the motivation to continue pursuing teaching. Since motivation is the key to success, he found himself struggling with passion and purpose in his life. How can you be successful without passion, purpose, or motivation?

If you feel like you are lacking motivation in all areas of your life, take a look at your feelings toward your job. If you feel stuck in your work, perhaps it’s time to truly discover which direction you want your life to go!

If you want to find success, you need to be motivated. The best way to be motivated to reach success is to find your ikigai for a more purpose driven life. If you are able to live a more meaningful life, then you will be intrinsically driven to achieve success.

an ikigai workbook

If you are unsure of what your passion and purpose are, check out our Ikigai Workbook to help you discover how your ikigai can help you find motivation to achieve success.

After struggling with passion, purpose, and motivation, quitting teaching gave my husband the freedom to pursue the things that make him happy. As a result, he has found work that he is passionate about and is much more motivated to find success.

#6. Motivation Teaches You Perseverance

People who appear to persevere through literally anything have a trait called grit. In the book Grit, Angela Duckworth teaches us that people with grit have a ‘special blend of passion and perseverance’. This is just one of many quotes about grit that help explain the power of this trait.

People with grit understand that motivation is certainly important, but being passionate about a goal and remaining determined to achieve it will keep you going through the worst of what life has to offer.

To stay focused on perseverance, determination, and grit, check out our set of 8 mindset definition posters. Keeping these posters visible at home or the office will remind you to stick through the challenges and setbacks you face everyday!

mindset definitions poster bundle
Use these 8 mindset definition posters to keep you pushing through the tough days!

#7. Motivation Helps You Set Your Priorities

Understanding why motivation is important is helpful, but understanding what motivates you is also!

When we feel motivated to do something, it is often because we know we are going to be rewarded. Some people are motivated by things, stuff, and tangible rewards. Other people are rewarded by intangibles, such as love, respect, or the promise of the future.

Understanding what makes your soul happy and attaching value to your goals will help you understand your priorities in your life. If you prioritize what makes you feel happy and rewarded, you will find what motivates you!

#8. Motivation Builds Self-Confidence

When I feel driven to do something that I am passionate about, I have this larger than life confidence about me. I always come to my husband with these insane ideas that are so big and scary. But I present them with so much passion and confidence that he always just jumps on board!

I get my confidence from a very strong and deep-routed belief that I can do anything I put my mind to. Now, not everyone shares this belief. If you are experiencing self-doubt, try to use affirmations to help you build confidence in yourself.

To remind myself and my family that we can do great things, I have these posters hanging on the wall in a high-traffic area of our house. Seeing these quotes on our wall every day has made them family mottos.

motivational posters
Use these motivational posters to remind you and your family that you can do anything you put your mind to if you believe in yourself!

Self motivation is the key to success. If you believe in yourself, all will fall into place!

#9. Motivation Helps Build Healthy Habits

One of the hardest thing to do is to form and stick to healthy habits. There are so many temptations throughout the day to break a good self-care routine. However, if you understand why motivation is important, you will be driven to stick to healthy habits in your life.

For example, have you ever managed to stick to getting 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep every night? It sounds impossible just writing it! But, if you are motivated to stick with this habit, you will be prioritizing your own health and wellness. And you will have more energy to pursue those big crazy dreams of yours!

Consider using these ideas for self-care to carve out a self-care routine that you will stay motivated to keep!

#10. Motivation Makes Achieving Goals Fun!

The last reason why motivation is important is the most important one. Achieving goals is hard work, yes. But it doesn’t have to be a drain on your happiness! If you are motivated to achieve something great in your life, you should have fun while you are doing it!

Take the time to slow down and appreciate the growth you are experiencing while working toward your goal. Take stock of the new skills you have acquired. Pay attention to the new challenges you get to tackle as you work toward something that is meaningful and important to you.

Celebrate how it feels to look back at where you were while looking at how much more is left for you to master. Big goals can feel overwhelming, but if you have fun throughout the process, you will feel more motivated to keep going!

Remember: Motivation is the Key to Success

Motivation is going to be the spark that will ignite the burning passion in your life. With an understanding of the importance of motivation, you give yourself the power to get what you want out of your life.

Even with an understanding of why motivation is important, it can still be tough to find motivation. If this is how you are feeling, check out our list of 117 badass motivational quotes.

Saying “I can’t” is so much easier than the action required to believe that you can. But don’t let your own doubts hold you back from achieving the goals you have for your life.

Hold onto what motivates you and never let go. Your motivation is going to be what drives you to live a life full of passion, purpose, and happiness.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use a motivational push, this post could be what they need to make a major change!

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