Vision Board Making: The Ultimate Guide

Vision board making is a highly effective way to apply the Law of Attraction. By creating a vision board, you are forming a visual representation of your hopes and dreams, and intentionally creating an object that represents positivity. As a result, this will help you find more positivity in your life that will direct you toward your goals!

This in depth ultimate guide will assist you with the vision board making process and help you to get your creative juices flowing! In addition, you will also find an important list of supplies you will without a doubt need, along with other tips and tricks to have your unique creation come to life. So, get ready to have some fun and make your dreams become your reality!

What is Vision Board Making?

A vision board is a visual representation of all the hopes and dreams that you have for your life. Vision board making is essentially the process of creating your representation of the dreams that you intend to make your reality.

Instead of simply talking about all the things that you hope to accomplish this year (or the next 5 or 10 years), make a vision board to help make those dreams become your reality. So let’s stop talking about all the “what ifs” in life. Let’s take some intentional action to help you take a step forward towards reaching your life goals!

Let’s say that you have this really crazy idea that you want to build your dream house. This is a pretty crazy idea since building houses is not only time consuming, but insanely expensive! How on Earth would you ever reach such an audacious goal?

A goal like this is way too big and is basically impossible so you might as well just give up now, right? WRONG! Don’t give up! And don’t quit before you even get started. Seriously….don’t! If you are ready to set and work toward a value driven goal, you can reach your dream with a bit of inspiration and vision board creation.

In the words of Walt Disney, “if you can dream it, you can do it”. Vision board making is a way to allow your dreams (big and small) to come to fruition. You CAN have everything you want in this life and anything IS possible.

So now that you know what vision board making is, it’s time to get intentional with your dreams! Let’s dive into the vision board supplies that you will need to help bring your vision to life.

What You Need: Vision Board Supplies

Below you will find a helpful list of all the supplies you will need for the vision board creation process. Above all, remember that this is your vision, not the Internet’s version of what your vision board creation should look like. If you have any ideas of things you would like to include on your board, you want to be sure to include those as well! This is just a guide of the basic vision board supplies you will require. The rest can be left up to your inspirational vision.

#1. Display Board

First you will need a big piece of poster board. Alternatively, if you can’t get your hands on a poster board, consider taping 4 pieces of card stock paper together to get the size you are hoping for. I personally like to cut out 9 big rectangles of the same size, but each of their own color, and tape them together (I’ll get to why I do this later!). You could also use a pin board or cork board if this is your preference.

#2. Magazines (or the internet and a printer)

Secondly, you will need a pile of magazines that you are okay with cutting up for photos and phrases for your project. Magazines are not one of the essential vision board supplies as there are other alternatives. However, a lot of people enjoy cutting up magazines for this process. I personally prefer to print the photos I need from the Internet so that I can find exactly what I’m looking for. But remember this is your vision board creation, so do what’s right for your unique vision!

#3. Office Supplies

The next vision board supplies you will need are scrap paper, scissors, some glue or tape (alternatively, you will need push pins if you are planning to use a cork board) and markers/pens in case you want to write (or draw) anything.

#4. Vision Board Quotes

Another important supply you will need is quotes! Finding meaningful and personal quotes for your vision board that align with your goals and vision can really bring your creation to life. Remember, you will be looking at your creation often as a source of inspiration. As such, it is important that the quotes you use energize and inspire you!

#5. Your Own Unique Vision

Lastly and most importantly, you will need your own unique idea for what your vision board creation will look like. It is important to remember that the project you are creating is for you. It is very easy search ‘vision boards’ online and just duplicate someone else’s work. The goal isn’t to make the prettiest or fanciest or most profession board. Instead, your goal should be to create the board that is the most meaningful and inspiring to you.

A few years ago my husband and I made our first vision boards and had very different ways of approaching them. Check out this video overview of his story and his board to see how his approach was different and why it worked for him.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a vision right now! You may surprise yourself and figure it out as you go!

5 Easy Steps for vision board creation

Before we get started, remember these are all just guidelines to help you realize your thoughts and vision. At the end of the day, you will be the one using your unique creation, so you want to be sure to create something that’s right for you and your unique personality.

Before you start, make sure to decide the length of time you are hoping to cover. Many people choose to make a vision board for one single year, whereas you might want to create your vision board for a longer term, like 5 or 10 years. This is completely up to you and your unique vision; however you may find it easier to focus on your goals if they are more easily measured.

Let’s get started!

Step #1: Decide how you want to display your vision board

First, you want to start by deciding what you want to use as a display for your creation. Remember you are going to want to look at your vision board everyday, so don’t make something so large that it will need to be tucked away. Definitely look at the space you have available for your design and size accordingly. Whether you decide to use a cork board, poster board or card stock, this is completely up to you! Just be sure that you are able to keep your vision board in a high traffic area. As a result, you will see it multiple times throughout the day and increase its effectiveness!

As I mentioned earlier, I personally like to cut out 9 large rectangles and tape them all together to form one big colorful poster board. This helps me organize my categories (we will get to categories next). Take a look at the photo below to help inspire your thoughts for your vision board display.

Step #2: Decide on your Vision Board Layout

The second thing you will need to do for your vision board making process is to decide on your layout. Some people like to paste all of their photos on their vision board and are content without a specific layout in mind.

Personally I use each of the colors in my layout described above as different categories for my goals. Using different categories makes it easier for me to organize different goals I’d like to reach for different aspects of my life.

Some of the categories that you might consider using when vision board making are:

  • Self (health, mental, emotional, physical, etc)
  • Ideas for Prioritizing Self-Care
  • Family
  • Career
  • Financial
  • Big Dreams
  • Parenting
  • Relationships
  • Hobbies
  • Habits
  • Travel
  • Spiritual
  • Personal Development
  • Home
  • Bucket List
  • Creativity
  • Volunteering
  • and any others you can think of!

Each and every day you should use your vision board to remind yourself of the goals you are aiming to reach. You may find it easier to organize your thoughts into categories so that you can have goals for each individual category. Or, you may prefer to use one board for all your goals splattered throughout, or even one board for each goal. Only you can decide!

Just remember, you want to organize in a way that will help you reach your ultimate dream life. Here is an outline of the way I have arranged my vision board in the past to help reach my dreams:

Remember that there is no correct way to organize your board. The way that will help YOU reach your goals is the only correct way for you!

Step #3: it’s Time to Dream

It’s time for you to get those wild, crazy dreams of yours flowing. Don’t hold back any of the amazing dreams that you have for your life. This is the moment to get all of those ideas out!

Consider taking your scrap paper that you collected when gathering your vision board supplies. Begin writing down all of the goals you are hoping to work towards and accomplish with your vision board. Remember those categories you set up in step 2? Be sure to gather your vision for each of the categories. This part is just a brainstorming session to get your goals written on paper. Don’t hold back, and don’t worry about being neat, practical, or having any sort of order to your thoughts.

Think hard and think long about the important things in your life and where you as a person are hoping to be after accomplishing your goals. While material goals can be important, remember that it is also important to set and work toward value driven goals. It is more likely that you will achieve a goal that is important to your values.

Below are some ideas to get your thinking going:

Now that you’ve got all your dreams and goals figured out, it’s time to get organizing!

Step #4: Organizing Your Vision Board

Now that you have your goals and dreams established, it’s time to start finding all the photos, words, and quotes you would like to use to make your vision board come to life! Consider the goals you have created for yourself and think of the different quotes or pictures you can use to make your dreams become a visual representation.

For example, if you want to build your dream house, then consider choosing a photo of a beautiful home or a floor plan you could see yourself living in. If you are hoping to eat healthier and to eat more food that serves your body, consider a photo of fruits and veggies!

In order to find inspiration, it may help to flip through your magazines or photos on the Internet. You’ll want to find some form of visual representation for each of your goals since you want to be sure to include every goal that you are chasing.

Vision board quotes are essential in the vision board making process. Remember the quote I mentioned above?

This quote reminds me to listen to the voice inside my head that tells me everyday that I can do anything I put my mind to. This quote echoes my daily thoughts and beliefs. Quotes are highly effective motivators, and motivation is very important for reaching your goals! Since quotes often come from famous people, you don’t have to worry about feeling crazy for believing them! I can do anything I put my mind to, Mr. Disney!

Check out this collection of 60 vision board quotes that you may find resonate with your inner thoughts and beliefs for your vision board.

Step #5: Making Your Vision Board Come to Life

Lastly, you are going to take all the awesome stuff you just collected and decide on a final draft of how you want your vision board to look. It helps to position everything how you think you would like it to look first. This way, you can tinker a bit before you glue everything down.

As you complete this step, pay attention to the things you are gluing to your board. Let your imagination wander and lose yourself in the dreams that you have for your future! Gather all of your photos, quotes and any other important pieces and start bringing your vision to life!

Does a Vision Board Really Work?

You might be asking yourself, does a vision board really work? I can guarantee that, with the right mindset, making a vision board without a doubt really works to help you visualize and accomplish your goals.

Vision board creation is 100% worth your time! You will be truly amazed at the goals you are able to accomplish with a bit of intentionality.

Vision boards are so effective because they help us create tangible representations of the positivity we want to see and feel in our lives. The Law of Attraction tells us that if we engage in positive thinking and behavior, we will start to see positivity more and more in our lives.

Having said that, just making a board will not be enough for it to work. Consider these tips to increase the effectiveness of your vision board:

  • Place your board somewhere in your house that you walk past often or where you spend lots of time (ie. a main hallway, your dining room).
  • Don’t let it become part of the furniture! It is very easy to start ignoring something if you get used to it being there. Move your board to different places in your house to surprise yourself and draw attention to it.
  • When you look at your project, read and think about the quotes you chose and what they mean to you. Look at the pictures as you repeat the quotes in your head.

Many celebrities and famous figures use vision boards in their daily lives and swear by them. If you are in need of some inspiration, Oprah Winfrey’s video on how your life whispers to you all the time is one of my favorites!

No more Excuses!

Reaching your goals and living the life of your dreams is possible. Remember that any dream is possible. If you want to achieve a goal bad enough you will find a way to make it possible. If not you will find a way to make an excuse.

If you are looking for more direction to help you reach your goals, check out our guide to vision mapping. A vision map is different because it contains specific steps and pathways that will take you in the direction of your vision.

No more excuses! Pick up your vision board supplies today! Getting started is the only way for your vision board creation to take life and start helping you live the life of your dreams.

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who is building a vision board, this could be what they need to start reaching their goals!

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