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150 Personal Mantras To Create Positive Life Change

In a time where negativity has become the norm, is it even possible to create positive life change? How can we learn to take down negative self-talk when everywhere we go we are reminded of our shortcomings, or held back by our limiting beliefs?

As a life coach, one of the most important things I recommend is making personal mantras a regular habit. These simple positive statements have the power to transform your life in a truly beautiful way.

To get you started, I have put together 150 examples of personal mantras that will help you to create positive life change that lasts!

What Is A Personal Mantra?

A personal mantra is a short motivational phrase that you repeat to yourself. Personal mantras can be your favorite quotes, favorite phrases, powerful positive affirmations, or any other positive statements that you find empowering.

While personal mantras and positive affirmations may sound like the same thing, they have a few key differences. Personal mantras are used to focus on a particular mindset or a specific intention. Good mantras align your thoughts, actions, and emotions with your desired outcome. A mantra is generally more specific and centered around a particular goal or value that you want to embody or achieve in your life.

By comparison, positive affirmations are short statements that assert positive qualities or beliefs about yourself. Many affirmations begin with “I am” in order to help reprogram your subconscious mind to replace negative thought patterns with constructive ones. Depending on how you use your own personal affirmations, they can be used to focus on building self-confidence, developing a growth mindset, and a general sense of positivity and self-belief. 

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How Do Personal Mantras Work?

There are many different ways to use personal mantras to create lasting positive changes in each area of your life.

Personal mantras work best when they are repeated regularly throughout the day. Many people write their own personal mantra on a sticky note and repeat it every time they are in front of the bathroom mirror. Writing personal mantras and reflecting in a journal is another popular way to help different mantras become part of your own life. 

Making mantra meditation practice part of your daily routine is another effective way to enjoy the great things personal mantras can do for your life. While meditation is a more spiritual practice, it is an excellent way to take complete control of your mind and body to remove negative self-talk. Take a deep breath, repeat your personal mantra, and watch as your heart rate regulates and your thoughts, feelings, and actions align with one another.

Regardless of how you use personal mantras, the emotional connection you have to your own mantra is one of the most important things. Feeling connected means that hearing the positive phrase more often will help to reinforce it throughout your own life.

How Do You Create Your Own Personal Mantras?

When choosing your own personal mantras (or creating a new mantra), you should aim for one that is aligned with the outcome you are hoping to create in your own life. It is a good idea to spend some time thinking about your own path and where you see it taking you. The only way your personal mantras will be effective is if they are deeply personal and connected to your vision for your life. 

So for example, if you are working to become the best version of yourself by learning to express gratitude regularly, look for a unique mantra that speaks to your desire to cultivate a grateful heart.

For me, the quote “do something today that your future self will thank you for” is a powerful quote that I use as my own personal mantra. I choose to use this quote because it speaks to my own personal experience and inspires me to take control of the time I am lucky to have each and every day. I love the power this mantra has to motivate me to take action toward reaching my goals.

150 Personal Mantra Examples

I have put together a collection of examples of personal mantras to point you in the right direction toward your own personal mantra. This list of mantras contains 150 personal mantra examples that you can use to find one (or several) that resonate deeply with your dreams and goals for your life!

  1. Embrace the journey.
  2. I am capable and strong.
  3. Every day is a new beginning.
  4. I choose happiness.
  5. Progress over perfection.
  6. I am worthy of love and success.
  7. I trust in myself.
  8. I attract positivity.
  9. I release what no longer serves me.
  10. Today, I take the first step.
  11. I am in control of my thoughts.
  12. I am resilient and adaptable.
  13. I radiate positivity from within.
  14. I am the architect of my life.
  15. Challenges are opportunities.
Challenges are opportunities

Personal Mantras For Happiness and Wellbeing

These examples of personal mantras are all designed to help you feel happy inside yourself! Conquer feelings of sadness, find good health, and bolster your wellbeing with this list of personal mantras!

  1. My happiness comes from within.
  2. I find joy in the present moment.
  3. I am grateful for all that I have.
  4. I prioritize self-care and self-love.
  5. Every day is a gift for me to enjoy.
  6. I choose thoughts that uplift my spirit.
  7. I cultivate positivity in my life.
  8. Happiness is my natural state of being.
  9. I am deserving of peace and contentment.
  10. I attract happiness with my positive energy.
  11. I let go of worries and embrace joy.
  12. I create a harmonious balance in my life.
  13. I radiate happiness to those around me.
  14. I am open to receiving all the good life offers.
  15. My wellbeing is my top priority.

Personal Mantras for Inner Peace

There is no shortage of pain, struggle, and suffering in life. Each difficult situation we face leaves its mark on us, with some being harder to move forward from than others. Personal mantras are an excellent tool to help you forgive your past mistakes in order to find peace with yourself.

  1. I am calm amidst life’s storms.
  2. Peace resides within me at all times.
  3. I release tension and embrace serenity.
  4. I let go of what I cannot control.
  5. My mind is a sanctuary of tranquility.
  6. I choose stillness over chaos.
  7. I am at peace with my past.
  8. I find solace in moments of silence.
  9. I nourish my soul with inner peace.
  10. I breathe in peace, exhale worries.
  11. I am centered and grounded.
  12. Peaceful thoughts create a peaceful reality.
  13. I am free from the grip of stress.
  14. Inner peace guides my every step.
  15. I embrace the beauty of the present moment.
I embrace the beauty of the present moment.

Personal Mantras for Motivation

Having motivation is important when it comes to reaching your goals. But sometimes the challenges of everyday life make it hard to stay on track. That’s where this list of personal mantras for motivation comes in handy!

  1. I take the first step towards my goals.
  2. Hard work paves the way for success.
  3. I am unstoppable in pursuit of my dreams.
  4. Challenges only make me stronger.
  5. I am motivated by my vision of the future.
  6. Each effort brings me closer to achievement.
  7. I am capable of overcoming any obstacle.
  8. I embrace discomfort for growth.
  9. My determination knows no bounds.
  10. I channel my energy into positive actions.
  11. I thrive outside my comfort zone.
  12. My motivation comes from within.
  13. I am persistent in the face of setbacks.
  14. I am the driving force of my aspirations.
  15. I am inspired by my own potential.

If you are looking for more motivational personal mantras, check out our list of motivation mindset quotes!

Self-Esteem and Self-Love Mantras

  1. I love and accept myself in the best way possible.
  2. I embrace my worthiness in the present moment.
  3. I release negative thoughts and replace them with self-love.
  4. Becoming my best self starts with self-compassion.
  5. Taking the first step towards self-love is empowering.
  6. Difficult times remind me of my resilience and strength.
  7. I expand my self-love beyond my comfort zone.
  8. Starting my day with self-affirmation sets a positive tone.
  9. Good things come to me as I nurture self-love.
  10. Inner peace resides within me through self-acceptance.
  11. A single word, “worthy,” shapes my self-esteem.
  12. My own personal mantra guides me towards self-love.
  13. Positive statements about myself fuel my self-esteem.
  14. Meditation sessions help me reconnect with self-love.
  15. Nurturing self-love is the most important thing in my life.

Personal Mantras for Positive Thinking

Focusing on positive thoughts and positive self-talk can help you change the way you see the tough times that you face. This doesn’t mean you have to find personal mantras that make you happy all the time. Instead, positive thinking is about making the best of each difficult situation and using a growth mindset to learn and improve.

  1. I see the best way forward in every situation.
  2. I find positivity in the present moment.
  3. I release negative thoughts, welcoming positive change.
  4. Cultivating a positive mindset aligns me with my best self.
  5. Taking the first step towards positive thinking empowers me.
  6. Difficult times are opportunities for growth and positivity.
  7. I explore beyond my comfort zone with a positive spirit.
  8. Good things manifest in my life as I foster positive thinking.
  9. Positive statements create a chain reaction of good vibes.
  10. Positive thinking brings about transformative changes.

Personal Mantras That Will Change Your Life

  1. Becoming my best self is the ultimate life change.
  2. Taking the first step towards change is my choice.
  3. Difficult times mold me into a stronger, wiser version of myself.
  4. Stepping beyond my comfort zone helps me find growth.
  5. Inner peace is a life-changing gift I give to myself.
  6. A single word has the potential to change my life trajectory.
  7. Positive statements reshape my beliefs and transform my life.
  8. Embracing the most important things catalyzes positive life changes.
  9. I find power and purpose in the present moment.
  10. Starting my day with positive intentions sets a bright tone.
Starting my day with positive intentions sets a bright tone

Personal Mantras For Love

  1. I love myself unconditionally in the best way.
  2. Love blossoms in the present moment.
  3. I release negative thoughts and embrace love’s embrace.
  4. Becoming my best self means embodying love.
  5. Taking the first step towards love opens my heart.
  6. Difficult times deepen my capacity to love.
  7. Love expands beyond my comfort zone.
  8. Starting my day with self-love sets the tone for loving others.
  9. Inner peace is the foundation of my love for others.
  10. Positive statements about love fuel my connections.
  11. The most important things in life revolve around love.

Personal Mantras For Success

  1. Success flows to me in the best way possible.
  2. The path to success is illuminated in the present moment.
  3. I release negative thoughts, paving the way for success.
  4. Becoming my best self is the key to unlocking success.
  5. Taking the first step towards success empowers me.
  6. Difficult times are stepping stones on my journey to success.
  7. Starting my day with determination sets a successful tone.
  8. Good things come to fruition as I strive for success.
  9. Inner peace is the foundation of my success.
  10. A single word, “achievement,” shapes my pursuit of success.
  11. My personal mantra guides me towards triumphant success.
  12. Positive statements reinforce my mindset for success.
  13. Meditation sessions align my focus with success.
  14. The most important things in life contribute to my ultimate success.
  15. Success lies beyond my comfort zone.
success lies beyond my comfort zone

Personal Mantras For Happiness

Living a happy life is one of the best ways to bring on positive life change. And the first step is learning to do what makes your soul happy. Choose your favorite personal mantras for happiness from the list below!

  1. I find happiness in the best way possible.
  2. True happiness resides in the present moment.
  3. I release negative thoughts, inviting happiness.
  4. Becoming my best self means choosing happiness.
  5. Taking the first step towards happiness empowers me.
  6. Difficult times teach me to appreciate the happiness within.
  7. Happiness expands beyond my comfort zone.
  8. Starting my day with gratitude sets a joyful tone.
  9. Good things manifest as I cultivate happiness.
  10. Inner peace leads to lasting happiness.
  11. My personal mantra guides me towards a joyful life.
  12. Positive statements fuel my happiness journey.
  13. Meditation sessions enhance my inner happiness.
  14. The most important things in life are those that bring happiness.

Personal Mantras For Positive Energy

Whether you use a form of meditation, journaling, or repeating your personal mantras, surrounding yourself with positive energy will have a positive effect on all areas of your life. Using mantras to remove negative energy will help you attract positive energy so that you can bring on positive change in your life!

  1. I create an area of positive energy by cleansing my space.
  2. Positive energy flows to me in the best way.
  3. The present moment is charged with positive energy.
  4. I release negative thoughts, inviting positive vibes.
  5. Becoming my best self radiates positive energy.
  6. Taking the first step towards positivity empowers me.
  7. Difficult times are opportunities to transmute energy into positivity.
  8. Positive energy thrives beyond my comfort zone.
  9. Starting my day with optimism sets a positive tone.
  10. Good things manifest as I embrace positive energy.
  11. Inner peace nurtures my positive energy flow.
  12. My personal mantra is a beacon of positive energy.
  13. Positive statements amplify the positive energy I emit.
  14. Meditation sessions recharge my positive energy.
  15. The most important things in life revolve around positive energy.

Using Personal Mantras To Create Positive Life Change

As a life coach, I have found that people who have their own personal mantra that resonates deeply with their purpose are more successful in creating positive changes in their lives.

While they may seem like small things, the use of mantras can have a positive effect on all areas of your life. Remember that you are the only person who can decide what the best personal mantras are for your personal experience. 

What personal mantras will you use to create positive life change?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use help creating their own personal mantras, this post could be just what they need!

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