5 Easy Ways To Avoid Negativity

At the risk of sounding negative – negativity is the worst! Being negative is a waste of time and energy, and overall just makes your life worse. So, how do you avoid negativity?

Avoiding negativity can be a pretty difficult task. It seems that negativity can be found just about everywhere you look these days!

We see negative messages on the news and on social media. And we see negativity in our homes, offices, and lunch rooms. It seems impossible to stay away from negativity without avoiding the entire world!

As it turns out, it doesn’t have to be like this! There are very easy strategies you can apply in your life today that will make it easier to avoid negativity.

Avoid Negativity Meaning

One of the keys to a happy life is to avoid negativity – meaning, any thoughts, words, or actions from ourselves or from other people that are not designed to build us up.

When we stay away from negativity, we take actionable steps to seek out experiences in our lives that add positive energy. This also means avoiding negative experiences that drain our positive energy.

We all react to life’s experiences differently. So, it is important to understand the sources of negativity in your life.

Let’s take a look at a few common sources of negativity in our lives, as well as how to avoid negativity in each case.

#1. How to Avoid Negativity at Work

Work can be a negative place. There is pressure to perform and meet deadlines, unmet expectations, and disgruntled co-workers.

Even with the most positive mindset, all it takes is a lunch break with a negative co-worker to drain any positive energy you had.

But, you can make a few simple changes to stay away from negativity at work.

If you have co-workers who are particularly negative, try limiting contact with them as much as possible. When this isn’t possible, try to steer the conversation to a more positive place.

Start your Monday morning small talk by asking your favorite negative coworker what they are excited to accomplish at work this week. This always stops negative people in their tracks. It helps avoid negativity by reminding you and your co-workers to find something you enjoy about your job.

#2. How to Avoid Negativity at Home and with Family

It can be difficult to stay away from negativity when a parent, child, or spouse is negative. So, let’s look at how to avoid negativity at home and with family.

One of the main reasons a home can be filled with negativity is because of constant complaining. Our loved ones complain to us because they feel heard and supported by us.

However, too much complaining can become overly negative. To stay away from negativity from complaining, aim to listen as much as possible. But, also to try challenge and empower your loved ones to make a change.

Steer conversations toward positivity and productivity. Focus your dinner conversations on challenges that excited your family throughout the day.

Encourage them to approach challenges with a growth mindset and a willingness to find opportunities in struggle and setbacks. And remind your loved ones that they can do anything they put their minds to.

When friends or extended family are overly negative, setting boundaries is important. This requires an honest, vulnerable, and difficult conversation.

But remember, you are in control of what happens in your home. It is important to stay away from negativity and protect the positive environment you are working hard to maintain.

Those who truly love you and add value to your life will see you showing up with your whole heart. It can be difficult, but you may need to step back from relationships with people who push and test your boundaries.

#3. Master Your Mindset

After learning how to avoid negativity from other people, your own mind is up next!

The thoughts that you have shape your reality into either a positive or a negative one. And your mindset controls how you react to the struggles and obstacles of your life.

Work toward a mindset that helps you take ownership of your life, and search for gratitude in the simple moments that your life offers. The right attitude will help you stay away from negativity and focus on solutions rather than problems.

If you find yourself constantly battling yourself to find a positive attitude, check out our ‘Your Attitude Determines Your Altitude’ printable poster. Hang this poster wherever you need inspiration to keep your mindset on track.

attitude determines your altitude poster

#4. Avoid Negativity On Social Media

The Internet is a great way to share ideas and information. But because there are so many people accessing the Internet, there is bound to be some negativity!

One main source of negativity on social media is the comparison game. As you scroll through your feed, it is very easy to compare your life to the lives of others.

But, just remember, what you are comparing yourself to isn’t always real! People only share the best of the best online. To stay away from negativity, be mindful of the standard you set for yourself while browsing your feed.

Another reason social media can impact your mindset negatively is the emphasis that it places on other people’s opinions.

When you share something on social media, you open the door for criticism and comments from other people. Paying too much attention to numbers can make you feel inadequate. Don’t allow the number of likes, followers, or subscribers you have to dictate your worth or negatively impact your mindset.

If you are recognizing that social media is making it hard to avoid negativity, consider taking a social media hiatus.

#5. Stay Away From Negativity in the News

Much like social media, the news can be a very powerful source of negativity in your life if you allow it to. There are lots of great things that happen in the world every day. However, it isn’t always easy to find out about them!

The news tends to focus on the negative. It showcases the things that you should be afraid of, and things that you should have strong negative opinions about.

Negativity is what sells and grabs people’s attention!

Now, there is definitely value in being connected to what is going on in the world. But the trick is to filter what is worth your attention.

Because we get information so quickly, it is now easier than ever for something negative on the other side of the world to impact your day. Each time you check your phone for the latest updates, you open the door for more negativity in your life.

There are a few ways to stay away from negativity in the news.

The easiest being to just not follow current events. But if you still value being globally informed, the key is to change the way you think about the events of the world.

When the news showcases all the problems of the world, turn your attention to the solutions. Doing this will help you avoid negativity and positively impact the way you see the world.

Can You Stay Away From Negativity For Good?

To be clear, you can’t avoid negativity entirely. There will always be negativity in your life. Whether it is from other people or your own mind, you are going to experience negativity at some point in your day.

As you work to stay away from negativity, remember that certain types of negative events can be thought of as obstacles and setbacks that help us find growth. Without some negativity, we wouldn’t feel the urge to push past it!

Remember that you can choose to surround yourself with people who add positive energy to your day. And you can look for people who challenge you to look for the positivity when it isn’t easy to find.

Challenge yourself to stay away from negativity! Put down your foot and commit to not letting your life become so filled with negatives that you can’t see the positives around you!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who struggles with negativity, this could be the push they need!

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