175 Positive Affirmations to Start Your Day Off Right

Each brand new day has so much potential! We are presented with a new opportunity and a fresh start each and every day that the sun rises. But how many times do you lay awake before bed wishing your day had gone differently?

Using positive affirmations to start your day can help you take control of your day from the first minute to the last. That’s why we put together this list of 175 positive affirmations to start your day. It’s time to find out how you can upgrade your daily life so that each day gets you closer to living your best life.

What are Positive Affirmations?

Positive affirmations are short but powerful statements that can help you focus and direct your mind toward positive thinking. The idea is that repeating positive phrases to yourself will help you redirect negative thoughts and replace negative self-talk.

Using positive morning affirmations is a powerful way to start your day on a positive note. When you focus your thoughts on positive things early on in your day, you set the tone for the rest of your day to follow suit!

In fact, self-affirmation theory and neuroscientific research tells us that our minds are constantly looking for evidence in the world that reaffirms our beliefs about ourself. So if you tell yourself good things, your brain is going to believe it!

List of Positive Affirmations to Start Your Day

There are so many powerful affirmations that you can use to kickstart your day with a jolt of positivity. Whether it is growth mindset affirmations or affirmations to build positivity, this list of positive affirmations to start your day has everything you need to make it happen.

Each of the examples of positive affirmations on this list will get you into the right state of mind to start your day on the right foot.

Affirmations for a Positive Mindset

  1. Choosing to have a good day is the first step to having one.
  2. I am eager to start my day.
  3. I believe in myself and all that I am capable of.
  4. I look for positive ways to approach my day.
  5. I begin my morning with a positive mindset.
  6. My positive thinking leads to positive outcomes.
  7. I search for positive things throughout my day.
  8. I am the only person who can take charge of my day.
  9. When I do my best, there is no wrong way.
  10. I am a source of inspiration and positivity for the people in my life.
  11. I choose to fill this day with positive thinking.
  12. I have the right mindset to make the best of this day.
  13. I surround myself with love, support, and positive energy.
  14. I focus on building positive thought patterns.
  15. I accept all things as they are.
  16. I wish myself well today.
  17. I am capable of making a positive impact on my day.
  18. I choose to steer my life in a positive direction.
  19. My positive energy carries me throughout my whole day.
  20. I greet each new day with a smile.
  21. I am proud of myself.
  22. I have an abundance of positive energy.
  23. I find more things to be positive about each day.
  24. I have the power to make today a good day.
  25. I am confident and positive in everything that I do.
  26. I rise today with a powerful and positive thought.
  27. I have the power to make a positive change today.
  28. Today will be a good day.
  29. I focus on positive thoughts.
  30. I use positive self-talk.
  31. I hold the key to my own happiness and success.
  32. I am a happier person today than I was yesterday.
  33. I deserve happiness and fulfillment in my life.
  34. I choose to be happy.
  35. A bad start to the day doesn’t mean that it will be a bad day.
  36. My self esteem is high today.
  37. I release my negative thoughts and beliefs because they do not serve me.
  38. I trust my ability to make the most of each day.
  39. I use positive statements to build myself up.
  40. I choose to start and end each day on a positive note.
  41. I am a positive person.
  42. I choose a positive attitude.
  43. I replace negative self-talk with positive thinking.

Affirmations for Self Care and Self Love

  1. I listen to my own needs.
  2. I start each day with food that serves my body.
  3. I give power to my own voice.
  4. I make self care part of my morning routine.
  5. I give myself enough time to take care of myself each morning.
  6. I feel healthy and strong today.
  7. I surround myself with healing energy.
  8. I feel energized.
  9. I am free from distractions.
  10. I use my own inner wisdom to make healthy choices.
  11. I am well rested.
  12. I am worthy of receiving compliments, praise, and recognition for my achievements.
  13. I am at peace.
  14. I am free from doubt.
  15. I have unconditional love for myself.
  16. I am strong.
  17. My wellbeing is the most important thing to me today.
  18. I forgive myself for my past mistakes.
  19. I love my life.
  20. I am enough.
  21. I belong.
  22. I am comfortable with who I am.
  23. I am successful.
  24. I am worthy of success in my career, relationships, and personal goals.
  25. I am worthy of self-love and self-acceptance.
  26. I prioritize strong relationships in my personal life.
  27. I am worthy of love and success.
  28. I am deserving of all the good in my life.
  29. I am worthy of self-compassion.
  30. I live a life that is aligned with my purpose.
  31. My thoughts, actions, and words have meaning.
  32. I follow my passions with courage.
  33. I am powerful.
  34. I attract healthy relationships.
  35. I prioritize love and respect.
  36. I have confidence.
  37. I am at a great place in my life.
  38. I can make positive changes in my life.
  39. My skills and talents amaze me.
  40. I set boundaries to protect my mental health.
  41. I am unstoppable.
  42. I forgive myself and those around me.
  43. I see the good in myself.
  44. I am a compassionate with myself.
  45. I am guided by my intuition.

Affirmations for Wellness and Mindfulness

  1. I am prioritize my physical, mental, and emotional well-being.
  2. I have a clear mind.
  3. I value my own self-care.
  4. I protect the present tense as a valuable moment in time.
  5. I control my thoughts, emotions, and actions.
  6. I am open to receiving love, joy, and abundance from the universe.
  7. I focus on the present moment.
  8. I am focused.
  9. I have all that I need.
  10. I improve my health every day.
  11. I am capable of manifesting my desires.
  12. I am a magnet for positive experiences, people, and opportunities.
  13. I attract prosperity in my life.
  14. Good things happen to me.
  15. I start my day on the right foot.
  16. I confidently express my thoughts, feelings, and opinions.
  17. I prioritize my own wellness.
  18. Today will be a great day.
  19. I make wise decisions.
  20. I soak up each and every valuable moment that I have on this planet.
  21. I am able to filter out unhelpful thoughts.
  22. Powerful transformations are happening in my life right now.
  23. I stay organized to take full advantage of the day.
  24. I feel fantastic today.
  25. I take care of my subconscious mind.
  26. Today will be a productive day.
  27. I will make it through this day.
  28. I am committed to living a beautiful life.
  29. Right now is the perfect time to take advantage of the new day.
  30. I am defined by my future rather than my past.
  31. My life unfolds exactly as it should.
  32. I listen to my own inner voice.
  33. I have high self-esteem.
  34. I live my life with abundance.

Affirmations for Gratitude

  1. I practice gratitude on a daily basis.
  2. I begin my day with an attitude of gratitude and maintain it throughout the rest of the day.
  3. I take time to express gratitude.
  4. I always find new things to appreciate.
  5. I take time to find beauty in the little things.
  6. My grateful heart is one of my best qualities.
  7. I admire the wonder of the sunrise every morning.
  8. I am grateful for the gift of life each and every day.
  9. I am grateful to be alive.
  10. I am grateful for all that I have.
  11. I see the good in other people.
  12. I choose to see the good in every situation.
  13. I feel excited to wake up each day and experience the beautiful life that I create with my thoughts and habits.
  14. I am grateful for my body and treat it with love and care.
  15. I am worthy of the good things that my life offers me.
  16. I embrace myself for who I am.
  17. I choose to see each day as a fresh start.

Affirmations for Growth

  1. I can do anything that I put my mind to.
  2. I do not give up.
  3. I listen attentively to each powerful lesson my life offers me.
  4. I am capable of overcoming the obstacles that I will face today.
  5. I am a better person today than I was yesterday.
  6. I bounce back from setbacks with strength and determination.
  7. I get stronger each day.
  8. I finish what I start.
  9. I am motivated.
  10. I am a work in progress.
  11. I keep going, even when it seems like I can’t.
  12. I look for new ways to solve hard problems.
  13. I am open to different ways of solving problems.
  14. I am a fighter.
  15. I embrace new adventures and opportunities.
  16. I see today as a great opportunity to live my best life.
  17. I am confident in my own unique abilities and talents.
  18. I will do my best today.
  19. I am excited to start this day.
  20. I am patient with myself in my personal growth.
  21. I am resilient and can overcome any challenge the day throws at me.
  22. I love myself for my flaws.
  23. I believe in the potential that each day has.
  24. I am creating my dream life.
  25. I am not perfect, but I do my best.
  26. I can and will achieve my dreams and goals.
  27. I am always growing.
  28. Today is full of opportunity and possibility.
  29. My life is full of opportunities for growth.
  30. I see change as a great way to grow and learn new things.
  31. I accept my past mistakes and use them to find growth.
  32. I am ready to take on new challenges today.
  33. I try my hardest.
  34. The obstacles of my life motivate me to learn and grow.
  35. I am ready to step out of my comfort zone today.
  36. I get closer to reaching my goals every day.

Using Positive Affirmations to Start Your Day

What does your morning to-do list look like? Do you have a morning ritual or regular practice to get your day started right?

Make a healthy habit out of using good morning affirmations. This is the best way to take concrete steps toward a better day!

We all have different circumstances in our lives that challenge us. Find your favorite affirmations from this list that resonate the most with you. Write them on a sticky note and practice them in front of the mirror until you can feel your energy levels changing in the morning.

With practice, using these simple practices and daily affirmations will help you start creating the a life you are happy to be living!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use some help starting their day off right, this could be just the post that they need!

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