110 I Am Gratitude Affirmations For A Thankful Life

If you take a good hard look at your life, the chances are you can probably find a few things that you are thankful for. But how often do you slow down and express gratitude for the things that you have?

As a certified life coach, my favorite tool to help people focus on gratitude is I am gratitude affirmations. Repeating positive affirmations to yourself helps target the negative thoughts you have about yourself and your life in order to replace them with empowering thoughts of gratitude.

Rather than focusing on what you don’t have, having a grateful heart helps you learn to appreciate the little things in your life that you do have. This helps build a positive mindset that reduces stress and increases feelings of happiness and contentment. 

When you use affirmations that begin with “I am”, your brain starts to believe that you are already doing and feeling the things that you say to yourself. Over time, your mind will replace the negative thought patterns you used to fall back on with more positive and empowering ones that focus on gratitude.

If gratitude isn’t something that comes easy to you, don’t worry! You aren’t alone! That’s why I have put together this list of I am gratitude affirmations so that you can start taking advantage of the power of gratitude right now!

I Am Gratitude Affirmations Quotes

  1. “I choose an attitude of gratitude and embrace each small blessing.”
  2. “I express gratitude for the simple joys that fill my daily life.”
  3. “I use my grateful heart to acknowledge the positive energy flowing through me and around me .”
  4. “Every morning, I start my day on a positive note, recognizing the tremendous opportunities ahead.”
  5. “I am a beacon of positive thoughts, spreading the light of gratitude every step of the way.”
  6. “In the daily routine of my life, I find moments to pause, take a deep breath, and express my thankfulness.”
  7. “Amidst the challenges, I seek the silver lining, cultivating a more positive outlook with each passing day.”
  8. “I attract wonderful things into my life by maintaining a grateful spirit.”
  9. “I make a conscious decision to focus on the good, creating a more positive mindset.”
  10. “I radiate positive energy and contribute to the positive experiences of those around me.”
  11. “In the arms of abundance, I find support from others and express thanks for the positive contributions they make.”
  12. “I reflect on the positive impact I’ve had on the lives of others with deep appreciation.”
  13. “I express gratitude for the small things that bring a lot of joy to my life.”
  14. “I navigate each day with a grateful heart, knowing that I am worthy of great love and boundless blessings.”

I Am Gratitude Affirmations for Success

  1. “I harness the power of gratitude through daily practice to fuel my success journey.”
  2. “Expressing gratitude is a conscious decision that propels me towards success in every endeavor.”
  3. “Small steps lead to big achievements. I am grateful for the progress I make each day.”
  4. “In the pursuit of my dreams, I maintain a positive attitude in order to attract the success I desire.”
  5. “I acknowledge the support of others on my path to success, expressing thanks for their contributions.”
  6. “Success is not just about material things; it’s also about the positive impact I create in the lives of others.”
  7. “I approach each challenge with a sense of gratitude, knowing that it brings opportunities for growth.”
  8. “In the midst of hard work, I find moments to express thanks for the lessons and achievements.”
  9. “My daily routine is infused with gratitude, creating a positive and productive atmosphere for success.”
  10. “With an attitude of gratitude, I attract tremendous opportunities and open doors to success.”
  11. “I am on a journey of personal growth, and I express thanks for the lessons that contribute to my success.”
  12. “Through the power of gratitude, I align myself with the positive energy that leads to success.”
  13. “I am a magnet for success, attracting the best version of myself through a mindset of gratitude.”
  14. “Success follows my positive thoughts and actions.”
Success follows my positive thoughts and actions

Positive Affirmations For A Grateful Life

  1. “I wake up every morning with a grateful heart, ready to embrace the positive possibilities of the day.”
  2. “I choose to focus on the positive things in my life on a daily basis in order to create a more positive outlook.”
  3. “I find peace today by centering myself in a state of gratitude while appreciating the present moment.”
  4. “I take time for gratitude meditation in my daily routine to cultivate a grateful spirit within.”
  5. “I build a sense of gratitude that transforms even a bad day into an opportunity for growth.”
  6. “I consciously express gratitude for the small things and the simple pleasures.”
  7. “I work hard to find the silver lining and appreciate the beauty in an otherwise dark situation.”
  8. “In the supportive arms of abundance, I express gratitude for the positive experiences that shape my life.”
  9. “I value the support of others, acknowledging their contributions to my journey of a grateful life.”
  10. “Every kind word spoken and received adds to the positive energy that surrounds me.”
  11. “My daily routine allows me to discover the positive contribution I can make to the world.”
  12. “I navigate life’s challenges with an attitude of gratitude, knowing that even small blessings matter.”
  13. “I am a vessel of positive emotions, spreading feelings of thankfulness and appreciation to others.”
  14. “In the light of this new morning, I am grateful for the simple joys and the great things that life offers.”

Powerful Gratitude Affirmations

  1. “I am worthy of great love and express my gratitude for the unconditional love that surrounds me.”
  2. “Every day, I make a conscious decision to nurture my mental health by cultivating feelings of gratitude.”
  3. “I recognize the powerful impact of a positive attitude on my daily life.”
  4. “I attract positive experiences through the power of gratitude to create a life of my dreams.”
  5. “My feelings of gratitude bring tremendous opportunities my way.”
  6. “I am a beacon of positive energy, radiating gratitude and attracting positive emotions into my life.”
  7. “I am building a more positive mindset and a greater sense of appreciation.”
  8. “I appreciate the little things and recognize their powerful impact on my overall life satisfaction.”
  9. “With each deep breath, I inhale the creative energy that gratitude brings into my life.”
  10. “I express thanks for the value of mistakes and appreciate their role in my personal growth.”
  11. “I am a source of positive contribution, positively influencing the lives of those around me.”
  12. “I attract the support of the whole universe and embrace the power of gratitude.”
  13. “I am a magnet for positive experiences, attracting the best version of myself through the power of gratitude.”
  14. “I find reasons to feel grateful in every present moment.”
I find reasons to feel grateful in every present moment

Daily Gratitude Affirmations

  1. “I am grateful for the simple joys in my life today.”
  2. “Each moment offers an opportunity for gratitude.”
  3. “I start and end my day with expressions of thanks.”
  4. “Gratitude transforms my challenges into opportunities.”
  5. “I cultivate a positive outlook through gratitude using small steps each day.”
  6. “I consciously choose to focus on positive things each day.”
  7. “My daily routine is infused with moments of thankfulness.”
  8. “I express gratitude for the support of others around me.”
  9. “I find peace today through gratitude.”
  10. “I inhale positivity and exhale gratitude with every breath.”
  11. “I attract positive energy through my daily gratitude practice.”
  12. “No day is too challenging for the power of gratitude.”
  13. “I create a positive note in my day through expressions of thanks.”
  14. “Gratitude fills my daily routine with purpose and joy.”
  15. “I navigate life’s twists with gratitude to find the silver lining.”

Morning Affirmations of Gratitude

  1. “As I wake, I embrace the day with a grateful heart.”
  2. “Morning light brings opportunities for gratitude and joy.”
  3. “I express thanks for the gift of a new morning.”
  4. “I manifest positive energy through gratitude with each sunrise.”
  5. “I start my day on a positive note by acknowledging my blessings.”
  6. “I find moments for gratitude in the silence of the morning.”
  7. “My morning routine is a sacred time for cultivating thankfulness.”
  8. “Gratitude sets a positive tone for my day from the beginning.”
  9. “Each morning breath is a reminder to be thankful for life.”
  10. “I greet the day with a loving heart and a spirit of gratitude.”
  11. “I fill my day with positivity and hope.”
  12. “I release negativity and welcome gratitude with the first light.”
  13. “I begin my day with a kind word to myself.”
  14. “I see my morning as a canvas, and gratitude paints it with joy.”
  15. “I express thanks for the day ahead in the morning calm.”
I express thanks for the day ahead in the morning calm

Grateful Affirmations for a Grateful Heart

  1. “My heart beats with gratitude for the love that surrounds me.”
  2. “My heart finds strength and joy in gratitude.”
  3. “I cherish the simple joys that fill my grateful heart each day.”
  4. “I appreciate the beauty in every moment with an open heart.”
  5. “Gratitude transforms my heart by making it a source of positive energy.”
  6. “I am thankful for the supportive arms of abundance around me.”
  7. “Love and gratitude flow freely from my heart.”
  8. “Gratefulness fills my heart and creates a space for peace.”
  9. “Every beat of my heart resonates with thankfulness.”
  10. “My heart overflows with positivity and warmth.”
  11. “I carry a grateful spirit in my heart throughout the day.”
  12. “I am grateful for all the good things life has to offer.”
  13. “Gratitude is the melody that plays in my heart.”
  14. “I express appreciation and thanks for the valuable lessons that shape my heart.”
  15. “My heart radiates gratitude and attracts positive experiences.”

Gratitude Affirmations for Manifesting

  1. “I am creating a life of abundance and joy through gratitude.”
  2. “In every moment, I manifest positive energy through thankfulness.”
  3. “Gratitude is my power, manifesting the life I desire.”
  4. “I manifest success by aligning my thoughts with gratitude.”
  5. “Positive experiences flow into my life as I practice gratitude.”
  6. “My thoughts of gratitude manifest a reality of happiness.”
  7. “I am manifesting a brighter, more fulfilling life.”
  8. “Gratitude is the key to manifesting the best version of myself.”
  9. “Every expression of thanks is a step toward manifesting the life of my dreams.”

Using I Am Gratitude Affirmations

There are many different ways that I am gratitude affirmations can be used to help you express the feeling of gratefulness in your life. There is no right or wrong way to express the feeling of gratitude. The most important thing is that you choose a strategy that feels comfortable for you.

Some people have success simply standing in front of the mirror and repeating positive statements about the things they are grateful for.

I personally have the most success when I use affirmation cards. Affirmation cards are a great way to make the power of affirmations visible. They are so easy to pull out during any given situation!

A gratitude journal is another powerful tool and your best friend when it comes to being intentional about focusing your thoughts and energy on gratitude. My favorite way to use a gratitude journal is selecting an affirmation and using it to help me direct my thoughts to a state of gratitude.

Check out our collection of gratitude list ideas to help you get started!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use I am gratitude affirmations, this post could be just what they need!

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