125 Positive Funny Affirmations To Make You Smile

You just had the worst day full of one difficult situation after another. Where do you turn at the end of the day for a good laugh and a smile? There’s a reason why sitcoms are so popular! The healing powers of humor are a powerful tool to ease a negative mind.

But this wouldn’t be a very helpful post if I just told you to go home and watch TV, would it? Instead, I’ve put together this list of funny affirmations so that you can use a tried and tested personal development strategy to find the laughter you need right within yourself. When life serves up a never ending series of challenges, it’s important to have a go-to source of joy that doesn’t require a remote control!

Positive Funny Affirmations

This list of funny affirmations is made up of positive statements that will help you start to see the funny side of every situation. While these may be funny affirmations, the impact of positive affirmations is no joke! There are many amazing things positive affirmations can do for you when they are used right.

Make these funny self care affirmations a part of your daily routine and enjoy the feeling of looking at life’s struggles with a positive outlook.

  1. I’m the captain of the good vibes ship, sailing through life’s ups and downs.
  2. My inner comedian is my loyal companion, making every day an adventure
  3. I’m a laughter alchemist, turning even the little things into gold.
  4. I kick negativity to the curb with my trusty coffee kicks.
  5. I’m the ultimate master of laughter, turning frowns into smiles.
  6. My positive pants are a perfect fit for an awesome life.
  7. My funny ideas are the best medicine for a bad day yesterday.
  8. I have a unique sense of humor that brightens my journey.
  9. Life is a stand-up comedy show, and I’m the headliner.
  10. I radiate positive vibes like a sunflower in a field of clouds.
  11. I find humor in the awkward moments, turning them into awesome things.
  12. My sense of humor is my secret weapon in any situation.
  13. Challenges are just opportunities for me to flex my funny bone.
  14. I’m an adorable badass with an arsenal of laughter.
  15. The negative committee in my head is disbanded; my thoughts are funny now.
The negative committee in my head is disbanded; my thoughts are funny now

Funny Positive Affirmations

  1. I’ve got 99 problems, but a negative committee ain’t one.
  2. My funny bone is my secret weapon against a bad day yesterday.
  3. I’ve got a unique sense of humor that makes even Santa Claus laugh.
  4. Good vibes follow me like a loyal dog.
  5. My personal growth journey is the best sitcom in town.
  6. Crossing oceans of challenges with a touch of humor.
  7. I’m an adorable badass, and that’s just the beginning.
  8. Laughter is my daily exercise, and I’m in great shape!
  9. I’m the CEO of my funny ideas, and business is booming.
  10. My inner comedian keeps my vibes high and my days light.
  11. Life is too short to take seriously; I choose the funny side.
  12. I’m a professional at finding humor in the little things.
  13. I’m the master of laughter, and I rule my world with a smile.
  14. My positive pants have an awesome, stylish fit.
  15. Every day is a plot twist in my ridiculously amazing day.

Funny Daily Affirmations

  1. I am so confident that even my coffee gets jealous of my self-esteem.
  2. I am so optimistic that even my shadow looks forward to the future.
  3. I am so good with technology that I can turn it on… and off!
  4. I am so charming that even my mirror flirts with me.
  5. I am an expert at finding the TV remote… just as the batteries die.
  6. I am the kind of person who counts to infinity twice, just for fun.
  7. I am so funny that even my jokes laugh at themselves.
  8. I am the only person who can play hide and seek with a GPS and win.
  9. I am the only one who can have a conversation with a parrot and lose the argument.
  10. I am so good at multitasking that I can make a mess in multiple rooms simultaneously.
  11. I am the only one who can trip over nothing and turn it into an Olympic sport.
  12. I am so extraordinary that even the Bermuda Triangle refuses to make me disappear.
  13. I am so hilariously positive that even a miserable cow would moo-ve over to join my joyous herd!
  14. I am the reason Waldo is hiding.
I am the reason Waldo is hiding.

Humorous Affirmations for Motivation

  1. I’m the motivational DJ, spinning tunes of positivity and humor.
  2. Challenges are my morning coffee; they wake me up to new possibilities.
  3. I’m the boss of my to-do list, and I tackle it with a grin.
  4. Negative thoughts run away when they see my motivational funny bone.
  5. I’m the Sherlock Holmes of problem-solving skills, with a comic twist.
  6. The universe is my biggest fan, granting my wishes with a chuckle.
  7. My motivation is fueled by the healing powers of humor.
  8. I navigate life’s maze with a humorous map, always finding the exit.
  9. I embrace challenges as opportunities to flex my motivational muscles.
  10. I’m a humor-driven motivator, fueling my dreams with laughter.
  11. My goals are my favorite comedy acts, and I’m the star performer.
  12. I chase my dreams with the enthusiasm of a kid in a candy store.
  13. I find motivation in the most unexpected places, like a treasure hunt.
  14. My enthusiasm is infectious, and it sparks motivation in others.
  15. I am the commander of my destiny, and I lead with laughter and purpose.

Daily Funny Affirmations for Confidence

  1. I am the master of laughter, and my confidence shines.
  2. Confidence is my superpower, and I wear it like a cape.
  3. I face difficult people with the grace of a stand-up comedian.
  4. I handle any situation with problem-solving skills and a smile.
  5. I’m a gangsta of self-love, and I own my awesomeness.
  6. I’m an intelligent people magnet, and they boost my confidence.
  7. I radiate positive energy, and it empowers my confidence.
  8. Confidence is my armor in the battle against doubt and fear.
  9. I stand tall with a unique sense of humor that exudes confidence.

Funny Friday Affirmations for A Positive End to Your Week

  1. I’m on the Friday express train to the weekend, and it’s a one-way ticket to fun-town!
  2. I’ve got that Friday feeling, and it’s as contagious as a happy yawn.
  3. Week, you’ve thrown your best punches, but I’m still standing, ready to laugh my way into the weekend.
  4. Friday, you magnificent beast, you’re my favorite day of the week!
  5. I’ve survived another week, and I plan to celebrate by having a ridiculously amazing Friday.
  6. Friday is like a superhero costume, and I’m ready to save the day with my positive vibes.
  7. Week, you thought you could bring me down, but I’ve got Friday as my secret weapon!
  8. Friday is the finish line of the workweek, and I’m sprinting toward it with joy.
  9. I’ve put on my Friday cape, and I’m here to make the day awesome!
  10. Friday is like a cool breeze on a hot summer day, refreshing and invigorating.
  11. I’m the conductor of the Friday fun train, and everyone’s invited for a laughter-filled ride.
  12. Friday, you’re the plot twist I’ve been waiting for all week!
  13. Friday, you’re like the dessert of the workweek, and I’m savoring every moment.
  14. I’m not just surviving Friday; I’m thriving and enjoying every moment.
  15. I’m feeling so good today that even Monday is jealous of my Friday vibes.
  16. Friday, you’re the best thing since sliced bread, and I’m ready to enjoy every slice.
  17. Week, you tried to bring me down, but I’m finishing strong with a Friday swagger.

Funny Words of Affirmation To Keep You Positive

  1. Life is a hilarious journey, and I’m enjoying the ride.
  2. I am the happiness ninja, spreading joy with every step.
  3. Positive thoughts are my secret weapon, and I use them well.
  4. I find the best medicine in laughter and use it liberally.
  5. My sense of humor is my passport to a brighter, happier life.
  6. I can conquer the world with a positive mindset and a chuckle.
  7. I’m the boss of my to-do list, and it bows to my humor.
  8. The universe loves my sense of humor and grants my wishes.
  9. I transform difficult situations into opportunities with a grin.
  10. My motivation is powered by the healing energy of laughter.
  11. I navigate life’s twists and turns with a funny compass.
  12. Challenges are just hilarious puzzles for me to solve.
Challenges are just hilarious puzzles for me to solve.

Short Funny Affirmations

  1. I am a magnet for good vibes.
  2. Smiles are my secret superpower.
  3. I embrace the chaos with a grin.
  4. Laughter is my daily medicine.
  5. I’m a walking, talking happy emoji.
  6. Joy is my middle name.
  7. I’m the CEO of my own silly moments.
  8. I’m a master of the happy dance.
  9. I radiate positivity like the sun.
  10. I make every day a funny adventure.
  11. I find joy in the little things.
  12. I’m fluent in the language of laughter.
  13. I’m a happiness ninja, sneaking joy into every moment.
  14. I see the funny side of life’s plot twists.
  15. I’m a pro at turning lemons into laughter.
  16. Positivity is my daily attire.
  17. I’m the laughter conductor of my own destiny.
  18. I’m the boss of my own awesomeness.

Funny Quotes

  1. Today, I choose laughter as my coping mechanism.
  2. I find the lighter side of life in every moment of my day.
  3. My inner comedian never takes a day off.
  4. I wake up and put on my positive pants one leg at a time.
  5. My happiness is a plot twist that keeps the story exciting.
  6. Every morning is a fresh start for my happier perspective.
  7. I’m a postage stamp in this world, sticking to my joy.
  8. I welcome great opportunities with a big smile.
  9. Happy tribe, assemble! It’s a new day for us to shine.
  10. I see the ridiculous in the mundane, making Monday mornings a breeze.

Using Funny Affirmations

The best way to feel awesome today is to surround yourself with funny vibes. A little bit of humor is an easy way to put yourself in a better mood!

But the reality is that life can be tough, and not every day is filled with funny things. Just remember that using funny affirmations isn’t about hiding from or ignoring bad experiences. Instead, it’s about finding the right energy that you can use to help you move forward. 

You can’t always control what happens, but you can control your response! Acknowledging life’s challenges is important. Use these funny affirmations to help you find the resilience and strength you need to face them head-on!

If you are looking for more humor to help you laugh your way through your personal development, check out this list funny affirmations!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use funny affirmations, this post could be just what they need!

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