What is Holistic Life Coaching and How Can It Help You?

Are you looking to improve in different areas of your life to reach your full potential? If so, a holistic approach to life coaching could be just what you need to make a real change in your life.

But, just what is holistic life coaching exactly?

What is Holistic Life Coaching?

In order to understand what holistic life coaching is, the first step is understanding what the word holistic means. In general, the word holistic means seeing all parts interconnected to form a single whole.

We can take this definition and apply it to understand holistic life coaching. Holistic life coaching is a personal development support system that focuses on connecting all areas of people’s lives to find balance and wellbeing. Rather than focusing only on career coaching or health coaching, holistic coaches help their clients make lifestyle changes that support their overall wellbeing as a person.

Holistic life coaches are also sometimes referred to as holistic health coaches. A holistic way of looking at a healthy lifestyle believes that our mental health and physical health are deeply connected to determine our overall happiness and success as people. Because of this, a holistic health coach will help you focus on how prioritizing your health in general can help you live a happy and healthy life.

Our lives are complicated and each area is connected. So if one area of your life is in need of some attention, the odds are that other aspects of your life are also. For example, you probably have noticed that your happiness with your work life directly impacts your happiness in your home life.

Holistic coaching works to address wellbeing across all areas of your life so that you can live your best life, enjoy good health, and reach your full potential.

What Are The Benefits Of Holistic Life Coaching?

Like any other professional service in the wellness industry, there are many benefits of holistic life coaching. But because holistic practitioners use a coaching program that focuses on the whole person, there are many specific benefits of holistic life coaching that you may not experience with other services.

Assess Your Stress

A holistic style of coaching can help you understand what areas of your life are causing you the most stress. Your coach can help you understand how small changes in one area of your life can greatly reduce your stress levels in another area.

During coaching sessions, you will work together to discuss lifestyle choices and make action plans to reduce stress in all areas of your life.

Improve Your Habits

The best way to make big shifts in your overall wellbeing is to take a closer look at your habits. There are many benefits of good habits that your holistic life coach can help you take advantage of.

One of the first things you and your coach can do is take inventory of how your habits impact each area of your life. Your holistic coach can help you establish a daily routine that supports your overall wellbeing.

Making a big change to just one bad habit can completely change another area of your life for the better. For example, if you cut your social media usage in half, you will find yourself with heightened focus and energy levels at work, making you a more productive and fulfilled person.

Time management is just one habit that a holistic life coach can help you take control of to have a major impact on every area of your life.

Understand What is Holding You Back

At some point, we all develop beliefs about ourselves that hold us back from achieving greatness. These limiting beliefs tend to get in the way of our personal and professional development. They make us long for the safety of our comfort zones rather than taking risks and small steps in the right direction.

A holistic life coach can help you get to the bottom of just what your limiting beliefs are in the first place. This is usually one of the hardest things to do because we rarely have a clear vision of the things that get in the way of our success.

Once you know what your limiting beliefs are, a holistic approach to coaching can help you understand how these limiting beliefs are holding you back in the various areas of your life.

Throughout your coaching sessions, your coach can help you replace your limiting beliefs with strong positive statements. Using positive affirmations is a powerful way to replace negative thinking with encouraging and motivational thoughts. You can work together with your holistic coach to develop action plans toward success in order to make a real change in your life.

Reach Your Goals

We all have our own personal, professional, and health goals. What you may not realize is just how connected all of your goals in life are.

A holistic life coach can help you make connections between your goals and the other areas of your life. For example, if you set a goal to prioritize your own health, you will notice that you have more energy in your daily life to go after your personal or career goals.

Positive Changes to Your Work Life

A holistic life coach can help you assess how your connection to your work life may be impacting your personal life. Remember that this coaching practice sees these two areas of your life as connected rather than separate.

Because of this, holistic coaches can use a solution-focused approach to help you make positive changes in your work life that will benefit all areas of your life. For example, a holistic coach can help you search for jobs that give you a heightened sense of meaning and purpose. When we find meaning and purpose in our work, all areas of our lives benefit!

Holistic coaches are excellent resources to help you find your ikigai (or your reason for being). In your work, your ikigai is a job that you love, uses your strengths, and helps you feel connected to the world. Focusing on your ikigai is an excellent way to prioritize your overall health and wellbeing.

Who Needs a Holistic Life Coach?

Another question you might be asking yourself is whether or not a holistic life coach is right for you. Who needs a holistic life coach? Will it truly help me?

After learning just what is holistic life coaching, you will likely see that holistic life coaches can be beneficial for just about anyone. We could all benefit from additional balance in our lives, after all! And we don’t always see the connections between all aspects of our lives in the same way that an outside support system does.

Many people are successful in one area of their life, but do not always experience overall life satisfaction. Others feel like they are carrying too much and are unable to enjoy any one specific area of their life. A holistic life coach can be the driving force to motivate and inspire these types of people to find balance across all areas of their lives.

How Does Holistic Life Coaching Work?

During coaching sessions, a holistic life coach will ask you a series of questions to get to know you and your lifestyle. Remember that your coach is interested in hearing about your whole life, including your job, relationships, hobbies, and lifestyle habits. This will help them get a better idea of how all of these aspects connect with one another in your daily life.

Based on your specific circumstances, they will work with you to propose lifestyle changes to improve your overall wellbeing. These could be suggestions for your diet, physical activity, work life, home life, and more.

A holistic life coach does not make diagnoses about your physical wellbeing or your mental health. Instead, they will work as a motivational force and guide you toward a lifestyle that prioritizes your overall health on a regular basis.

They may make recommendations about practical nutrition suggestions, your relationships, spirituality, and more. Their goal is to help you focus on your overall wellbeing as a whole and complete person, rather than targeting one specific area of your life.

How is Holistic Life Coaching Different From Therapy?

A holistic life coach is quite different from a therapist or counsellor, even if they are each wellness experts.

Where therapists are trained specialists in mental health support, holistic life coaches are not healthcare professionals. A therapist is a professional who is able to help you process and work through emotional distress, negative experiences, and mental health struggles using specific techniques.

By comparison, a life coach uses different techniques to motivate and encourage their clients to achieve life goals.

Each of these professionals works to create a safe space for improving your overall health and wellbeing. But it is important to understand the difference when choosing the right option for you.

What Does Holistic Life Coaching Look Like in Your Life?

We are fortunate to have scientific research that tells us that our wellbeing in one area of our lives plays a significant role in our wellbeing in other areas.

There are many things that you can do to strengthen your wellbeing in each area of your life. But it isn’t always easy to sit down and make a plan to make it happen for you specifically in your own life.

For example, you may want to improve your physical health through more regular exercise, but you may not be sure what that looks like when considering your social life or balancing the demands of your job. A holistic life coach can be the driving force that you need to find balance in these areas of your life so that you can focus on your overall wellbeing.

Regardless of what your life circumstances are, you will probably agree that a little bit of balance would be a good thing for you! Finding a holistic life coach will help you find a routine that works for you and your own goals so that you can get the most out of your life!

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