Innovative Mindset: 3 Easy Steps to Start Innovating In Your Life

Do you have an innovative mindset? Is it easy for you to come up with new ideas and new ways of doing things? Or do you find yourself stuck doing things the same way you’ve always done them?

An innovative mindset is a very useful trait to have in business, at your job, and in your life.

Because new ideas are so valuable, being an innovative thinker is a highly sought after trait by many employers. Innovative thinking also has the power to transform the decisions you make and the way you live your life.

But, innovation isn’t easy. If it were, everyone would be coming up with new ways of doing things. And then there would be no reason to innovate!

What Does Innovation Mindset Mean?

To understand what an innovation mindset means, we should define ‘innovative thinker’. An innovative thinker uses creativity and forward thinking to come up with new and exciting ideas.

If you have an innovation mindset, you see the world as a place full of potential. Where other people see routines and consistency, a person with an innovative mindset is always looking for creative and out of the box ways of doing things.

While there is value in predictability, the ability to be creative and approach problems from fresh perspectives is an important characteristic that many employers want.

Innovative thinking also helps you dream up big goals for your life, and take creative steps to help you reach them!

How to Develop Innovative Mindset

So if this way of thinking is so valuable, you may be wondering how to develop innovative mindset.

Whether you are a leader, an employee, or someone who enjoys finding creative ways to solve problems in your life, knowing how to develop innovative mindset in yourself or your colleagues is important.

New ideas are what move businesses forward. Teams of people are more efficient when they have the ability to take creative approaches to solving problems. Products are more competitive when they are fresh in comparison to what is already on the market.

When my wife and I started Joyful Through It All, our goal was to share how we learned to live a unique and carefree lifestyle after leaving the teaching profession. We wanted to show that it is possible to innovate in your own life by making choices that let you take control of your life.

The world will tell you that you need to work a conventional 9-5 job and that lots of money and things will make you happy.

However, if you work hard to pursue an innovative mindset, it is possible to break free from the standard the world is holding you to. This will allow you to truly live a life that is yours.

Let’s get into three easy steps to develop innovative thinking that you can use to get started right now!

#1. Be Open to Collaboration

Being open-minded and willing to work together with others is one way to develop an innovative mindset.

It is easy to get caught up in our own ideas and become narrow-minded with our vision. However, opening our minds to the ideas of others can be inspiring. Sometimes all it takes is one small idea from a peer to spark the imagination into new and exciting directions.

At the same time, your ideas could inspire those on your team to do the same. The willingness to listen to and build upon the ideas of others increases your chances at innovation significantly.

As far as innovative mindset examples go, consider the development of the iPhone. The iPhone wasn’t created by a single person. Steve Jobs and teams of people with an innovative mindset collaborated to produce an incredible product that completely revolutionized the way we communicate.

So next time you are looking for a fresh take on an old idea, consider looking to your colleagues for support!

#2. Normalize Failure and Mistakes

What keeps us from developing an innovative mindset? The fear of failure is a big one! When we are afraid of failing, we lean into the safety of our comfort zones.

But the thing with innovation is it requires vulnerability. You should feel a bit uncertain when you are innovating. After all, you are trailblazing into unknown territory! No one has done what you are about to do. You should be afraid!

Our world loves perfection. Social media makes it easy to showcase our achievements, while rarely highlighting our failures.

An innovative mindset shares many traits with a growth mindset. Every time we show up and fail, there is a powerful lesson to be learned.

It is important to make mistakes, because there are learning opportunities in our failures. Because of this, paying attention to our failures helps lead us to success.

Often, the first idea you come up with won’t be the best one, and it will probably fail. But we grow and become more creative with our thinking when we fail. Keep working away at finding the best idea instead of trying to force the first one into perfection!

Take risks. Fail. Rinse, and repeat. This is how successful ideas are born! This is how big goals are achieved!

#3. Challenge Conventions

There is an old saying that has always bothered me: “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it”.

This saying is essentially a way of saying don’t change things if they work just fine.

This never really worked for me. When things work just fine, they get boring! Where is the challenge when things work just fine? Where are the growth opportunities?

An innovative mindset sees new opportunities rather than settling for what already works.

Think about your job. When you started, someone probably showed you a series of tasks. At the time, it is unlikely that you questioned why things were done the way they were.

For some, that question never comes. There are people who are completely willing to work within the box. But if we keep doing the things we are doing without asking questions, there can be no innovation!

Often, not being curious leads to the feeling of being stuck in a job without passion. People work jobs they hate because “it is what people do”.

Many teams do things just because ‘this is the way we’ve always done things’. This is one of the reasons why innovative thinkers are such valuable team members. They break the mold and inspire others to do the same!

Nothing is sacred or off limits for an innovative thinker. You can’t limit yourself and your new ideas because old ideas are telling you they aren’t possible.

The key is to let go of what’s “possible”.  When you find yourself saying “I can’t…”, immediately follow it with “why not?” or “what if?”

  • I can’t quit my job. Why not? What if there is a better job out there that you are more passionate about?
  • I can’t build my dream house. Why not? What if you started a budget, started a side hustle, and started putting intentional effort into reaching your goals?

How Innovative Are You?

Even if you don’t have an innovative mindset, the willingness to collaborate, make mistakes, and challenge convention will get you closer.

Like any change to your mindset, it takes practice and dedication to change the way you think and respond to challenges. Especially since we are creatures of habit. Our brains like when things are predictable!

But an innovative mindset doesn’t settle for ‘just the way things are’. The way things are should not dictate what is possible in your mind and in your life.

Whether you are looking to revolutionize the way you do business, work, or live your life, an innovative mindset is the key.

It is time to stop accepting the story the world tells you and start writing your own!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could benefit from some innovative thinking, this post could be just what they need to make a change!

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