60 Powerful Law of Attraction Journal Prompts

Are you looking for a powerful manifestation tool to get you started on the path toward your future self? Are you looking to use the power of manifestation journaling to help you create the life you want to live? When it comes to manifestation journaling, the first thing you need is a set of good law of attraction journal prompts.

Choosing to focus on building a positive attitude to help create the life you want to live is something that we write about often at Joyful Through It All. We believe that attracting positivity by sending out positivity is one of the keys to living the life you want to live, full of big goals and dream chasing.

If you are looking for good law of attraction journal prompts to help you with the manifestation process, we have you covered!

What is a Manifesting Journal?

Manifestation journaling is a powerful way to take your dreams and desires from your subconscious mind and make them a reality by writing them down. The idea is that you can give your dreams and desires a jolt of positive energy by having them written as a journal entry in your own manifesting journal. This is one of the first actionable steps you can take toward creating the life you want to live.

Now, some people are put off by daily journaling practice because they have a hard time coming up with things to write. And it can be tough to write something every day! But, with this list of law of attraction journal prompts, keeping a daily journal will be a piece of cake! All it takes is a blank page, a pencil or a pen, and some positive thoughts to start manifesting your ideal life!

What is the Law of Attraction?

The law of attraction is a belief that if you focus on positive energy, positive thoughts, and positive things, the universe will show you more positivity in your life.

The opposite is also true. If you give your attention to negative thoughts and negative feelings, you will find more negative experiences.

But does the law of attraction work? Do we really see more of what we focus on?

This is easy to test on your own. Spend one day focusing exclusively on positive thoughts. This is hard to do, especially if something negative enters your brain without your permission! But if you can manage to focus on positive things throughout the day, you will without a doubt find there is more positivity coming your way!

Does Journaling Help With Law of Attraction?

Journaling and the manifestation process has its critics. After all, the idea that you can just write something down in the present tense and have it miraculously enter your life in the future seems pretty far-fetched, doesn’t it?

But, the truth is, there is more to manifesting than that. Journaling is the first step because it helps channel your true, authentic thoughts. These are hard to find sometimes! Especially when there are so many people telling us what to think these days. Do you really want to be rich and famous? Or is that just a lifestyle you saw on social media that was dressed up to look appealing?

When you use law of attraction journal prompts, you dig deep into your subconscious mind to find out what you deeply desire for your life. Putting it on paper brings it into reality and is a great way to help you shift your focus to what is truly on your heart.

So when it comes to the law of attraction journaling, having a good collection of manifestation journal examples is an important factor to help you draw out your positive thoughts! This is what is going to ultimately help you create the life you want to live.

Let’s dig into this list of 60 powerful law of attraction journal prompts to get you started right now!

60 Law of Attraction Journal Prompts

When you use good prompts in your law of attraction journaling, you bring your positive energy to the next level. Instead of just writing down whatever comes to mind, you have an opportunity to sharpen your focus specifically on things that are going to help you create the life you want to live.

Remember that the goal is to bring positive energy to the surface with each thought you write down. Doing this on a daily basis will help make this a regular habit in your daily life! With practice and a regular journaling routine, your positive beliefs about yourself and your life will start to attract more and more positivity!

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts about Mindset

Your mindset is the set of beliefs that you have about the world. It is what controls how you see everything in your life, ranging from your struggles and challenges to your greatest successes.

Since the mindset that you have has such a major impact on the way you see the world, it is important to have a good set of journaling prompts that primes you for a positive mindset. Remember, when you look at the world a certain way, you tend to see more of it! This is the law of attraction at work!

Use these law of attraction journal prompts to keep you focused on a mindset that prioritizes growth toward your future self!

#1. Do you have a positive mindset?

#2. What areas of your mindset are you most proud of?

#3. What areas of your mindset are keeping you from moving your life forward?

#4. What does an abundance mindset mean to you? Do you have an abundance mindset?

#5. What is holding you back from being a better version of yourself?

#6. What are the negative feelings that have left you feeling uneasy this week?

#7. What lights your soul on fire?

#8. What is the greatest personal growth journey you wish to embark on today? This week? This year?

#9. What has been your biggest life lesson so far this year?

#10. List some new things that you would like to try this year. How can you get started right now?

#11. What is your favorite mantra or quote that motivates you to become your best self?

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts about Positivity

Positive energy and positive thinking are the key to using the law of attraction. Without a focus on positive things, you will miss out a lot of what the universe has to offer you.

Use these prompts in your journal entries to take small steps toward making positivity a regular routine in your life!

#12. How are you going to put positive energy into the universe today?

#13. What negative thoughts have you been struggling with lately that you can turn into positive thoughts?

#14. What are some positive emotions that you experienced this week? How can you make sure you experience more of them?

#15. What are your favorite positive affirmations?

#16. List your favorite personality traits that you have and why you love them.

#17. When are you the happiest?

#18. Think about the negative people in your life. How do you feel after you have been around them?

#19. Who are some of the most positive people in your life? How do you feel after you have spent time with them?

#20. What areas of your life can you simplify to bring you more joy?

#21. What are some boundaries that you could set in your life?

#22. What does inner peace feel and look like in your life?

#23. Your mental health matters. What is something that you can do for your mental health today?

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts about Goal Setting

If you are using a manifesting journal, the odds are you are probably trying to accomplish some sort of goal. Some people even use their journal as a dream log to track their progress toward their goals and dreams.

One of the biggest roadblocks to reaching your goals are your limiting beliefs. These are the beliefs you have about yourself that keep you from achieving greatness in your life.

A great way to overcome your limiting beliefs is by writing down statements that rob them of their power over you. If you are looking for the successful manifestation of your goals, law of attraction journaling prompts about goal setting are one of the fastest ways to get you started!

#24. Why did you choose to start this manifestation journey?

#25. What does your dream life look like?

#26. Where did the idea of your dream life come from?

#27. What is important to you?

#28. Why are you working toward this goal?

#29. What are your intentions for today? How will this day move you closer to your goals?

#30. What does reaching your full potential in life look like to you?

#31. What positive action can you take today to take a step towards creating your dream life?

#32. What are the limiting beliefs that are holding you back?

#33. Where do your limiting beliefs come from?

#34. How can I work to overcome my limiting beliefs?

#35. What different story can you tell yourself about the beliefs that are holding you back from greatness?

#36. If you couldn’t fail, what is the biggest dream you would go after?

#37. What are the negative thoughts that are stopping you from going after your dream life?

#38. If you could use one word to describe your ideal life, what would it be?

#39. Create a “desire list” for all the things you wish to accomplish in your life.

#40. What is the biggest goal you wish to achieve this year? What about next year?

#41. Describe your dream car. What does it say about your goals and your lifestyle in the future?

#42. Describe your dream job in as much detail as possible. What steps can you take to get there?

#43. What does success look like in your life?

#44. Describe your life in 5 years in as much detail as possible.

#45. Do you have a vision board? What does your 10 year vision board look like?

#46. What is something that you are most looking forward to for the new year?

#47. What are your 5 biggest long-term goals that would help you to create the life you want to live?

#48. What are 5 short-term goals that you have? When are you going to accomplish them by?

#49. What do you think your purpose is in your life? How can you live out your purpose each day?

#50. If you could try any new job, what would it be? Why?

#51. What is one thing on your heart that is holding you back from creating your dream life?

#52. Describe your best life in as much detail as possible.

#53. What is one thing you can do today that your future self will be happy that you did?

#54. What new ideas have you come up with recently?

Law of Attraction Journal Prompts about Gratitude

An effective way to see the law of attraction work in your favor is by using manifestation journal prompts about gratitude.

Gratitude is one of most powerful positive emotions we can express. It involves feeling thankful for little things that make a major difference in your daily life.

Life gets so hectic that we often forget to stop and let people know that we appreciate them. It is also common to miss some of the good things because our focus is elsewhere.

Using these law of attraction journal prompts will help you connect with gratitude so that you can attract more positivity in your life!

#55. What are some of the little things that you are grateful for today? Add them to your gratitude lists each day that you fill in your daily journal.

#56. What is something that you are profoundly grateful for in this present moment?

#57. List 3 little things in your life that you couldn’t live without.

#58. What are 10 things that you love about yourself?

#59. What are you most proud of in your life so far?

#60. Who is the most important person in your life?

What Are Your Favorite Law of Attraction Journal Prompts?

The important thing to remember about using law of attraction journal prompts is to pick ones that are meaningful to you.

When it comes to manifesting your dream life, prompts that take you to your specific goals and desires are going to be the most effective.

The best thing you can do is incorporate your journaling practice into your daily routine so that it becomes a habit. This way, you regularly draw out the positive energy that you need to keep yourself focused on the manifestation process.

Law of attraction journal prompts can be a powerful tool to help you reach your goals. Which prompts will you use to start creating the life you want to live?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use some good law of attraction journal prompts, this blog post could be just what they need!

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