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175 Habit Tracker Ideas to Keep Yourself Accountable All Year

Habit trackers are a great way to change your daily habits. They are a powerful tool that make good habits visible so that you can stay accountable to yourself and your goals.

We all have bad habits that we want to kick. But it can be difficult to decide on the best habit tracker ideas to focus on. That’s why we’ve put together this habit tracker ideas list of 175 different habits to get you started!

While reviewing the habit tracker ideas below remember to consider new habits that you would like to build in your life and the bad habits you would like to break. By doing this, you will be able to narrow down good habits that are meaningful to you and the life you want to live. Remember that if a specific habit isn’t meaningful to you, then you are not likely to create a new habit!

What is a Habit Tracker?

A habit tracker is a very useful tool that can be used to keep track of the habits you are either trying to start or stop. They usually take the form of a chart or calendar that lists each habit you choose to focus on.

The habits that you decide to target on your habit tracker will also have a checkbox of some sort so that you can mark off when you have completed that habit.

Using this process will help you stay mindful of your behavior and habits throughout each day. Over time, repeated use of a habit tracker can help you become more disciplined and consistent with your lifestyle and choices.

The types of habits you track have no limit! It really depends on your goals and ambitions. But in general, your habits should be challenging enough to inspire growth, but achievable enough to be motivating.

Benefits of Habit Trackers

One of the biggest benefits of habit trackers is that they make your goals visible. This is helpful so that you can actually see whether or not you are staying on track with your habits.

Another benefit is that you can track multiple habits at once without losing track. For example, you can track your water consumption, fitness goals, and self-care all on the same tracker. This makes it easy to build new habits without feeling overwhelmed or getting disorganized.

Habit trackers also help keep you motivated on a daily basis. Many people use their habit tracker as a ‘to-do list’ or a list of tasks that need to be completed before they go to bed. This is particularly helpful if you are the kind of person who finds it hard to focus on goals throughout the day. Filling in each checkbox feels like a small win that can really push you forward!

Whether you are looking to kick a bad habit or start a new habit, habit trackers are a great tool to get your desired results!

Weekly Habit Tracker vs. Monthly Habit Tracker vs. Yearly Tracker

There are many different types of habit trackers that you can use to get started. The type of habit tracker you choose is entirely up to you! Each of has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Weekly Habit Tracker

Weekly trackers are helpful because they can feel less overwhelming when you are first starting to track habits. Only having to think about a set of new habits for a week at a time will help you take small steps toward tracking habits for longer periods at a time.

Monthly Habit Trackers

Monthly habits can be harder to maintain. But while it may feel like a bigger commitment, using a monthly tracker is a great way to see your progress over the course of a longer period of time.

Monthly trackers may help you notice trends in your tracker that are helpful for improving. For example, it may be that you find it hard to avoid fast food around the middle of the month. Knowing this will help you take proactive steps to stay on track at this point every month.

Yearly Habit Trackers

If you feel ready for a challenge, use a yearly tracker to stay accountable to a set of habits for a full year! Or, use a yearly tracker to focus on maintaining a single habit for an entire year. The choice is yours! Habit trackers are highly flexible tools, so choose the one that is best for you and your goals!

How to Set Up Your Habit Tracker

Setting up your habit tracker is an easy process. The first thing you need to do is find a habit tracker that you like.

Our family designs and uses our own trackers to help us build healthy habits and stay accountable to our goals. Check out our collection of printable habit trackers and pick your favorite one!

printable habit tracker

Once you have your habit tracker picked out, you can start filling it with positive habits you would like to develop or bad habits you would like to break. This step will look different for everyone! We all have our own goals and challenges, so your tracker won’t necessarily look the same as someone else’s.

Deciding what habits you want to track isn’t always easy, and it can be overwhelming. But the good news is the following habit tracker ideas list is here for your inspiration!

Let’s get into these 175 habit tracker ideas so that you can start building healthy habits today!

Personal Development Habit Tracker Ideas List

Developing healthy habits is one of the most important ways to keep yourself focused on your personal development journey.

Habit trackers are powerful tools to help you take small steps toward big goals and dreams. Use these habit tracker ideas to help you get started now!

1. Set goals for the day
2. Write in gratitude journal
3. Moving forward with dreams and goals
4. Engage in one of your passion
5. Do something outside your comfort zone
6. Use a growth mindset
7. Listen to a podcast
8. Complete a goal
9. Read a self improvement book
10. Challenge a limiting belief
11. Check in on big goal progress
12. Read inspirational quotes
13. Further a skill
14. Take a course
15. Work toward finding your passion and ikigai
16. Spend time vision mapping
17. Track habits for the day
18. State one of your strengths
19. State an area of growth
20. State one of your strengths

Best Habit Tracker Ideas for Mental Health

Using a habit tracker is one of the best things that you can do for your mental health. Use these habit tracker ideas to fill your tracker with powerful tools that help you prioritize your mental wellness.

21. Stop and take a deep breath
22. Practice affirmations
23. Write in your journal
24. Express how you are feeling
25. Meditate
26. Practices coping skills
27. Talk to a friend
28. Smile
29. Think one positive thought
30. Do a puzzle

Fitness Goals

Maintaining a fitness schedule and staying active can be challenging goals. There is always something else you could do over exercising, isn’t there?

But when you commit to habit tracking, your to-do list demands that you stay accountable! Use these fitness habit tracker ideas to stick with your fitness goals!

31. 30 minutes of movement
32. Try a new physical activity
33. Reach daily step count
34. Take the stairs
35. Take a walk in nature
36. Stretch
37. Do your workout
38. Go to the gym
39. Cardio
40. Yoga
41. Strength training
42. Ride your bike or walk to school/work

Relationships Habit Tracking

Maintaining healthy relationships can be a challenge amongst all the chaos of our daily activities. But social relationships are one of the important areas of life to maintain when living a balanced lifestyle.

Use these habit tracker ideas to help you cultivate the important relationships in your life.

43. Say I love you to those closest to you
44. Speak with kind words
45. Compliment your spouse or partner
46. Use positive language when talking with others
47. Call a friend
48. Call a family member
49. Phone-free time during family time
50. Intentionally play with your children
51. Ask how a loved one’s day was
52. Read to your child
53. Snuggle with your child before bed
54. Quality time with your family
55. Hangout with a friend
56. Family outing
57. No yelling


You spend a large portion of your day at your job. So it makes sense that your happiness and wellbeing are directly connected to your feelings about your job! This is why it is so important to maintain healthy habits at work!

These habit tracker ideas are perfect for building better habits at your job.

58. No gossiping with friends/coworkers
59. Get to work on time
60. Thank someone for their help
61. Praise someone for a job well done
62. Use work time effectively
63. Respond to all work emails within 24 hours
64. Return all phone calls
65. Network with others
66. Do a good deed for a coworker
67. Learn something new in my industry
68. Don’t engage in negativity
69. Leave work on time
70. Leave work at work
71. Work on a side hustle

Healthy Habits

There are so many benefits of healthy habits, but they don’t always come easily. We are tempted every day by little things that feel good, but just aren’t good for us.

Whether you are looking to start a social media tracker or a sleep tracker, this habit tracker ideas list will help you start building healthy habits today!

72. Write 5 things you are grateful for (using these gratitude list ideas!)
73. Write in your journal
74. Write in a bullet journal
75. Meditate
76. Water consumption
77. Daily vitamins
78. Monitor calories
79. Keep a food diary
80. No sugar
81. No carbs
82. No smoking
83. No soda
84. No junk food
85. No caffeine
86. No alcohol
87. No eating out
88. Do not over eat
89. Eat a healthy breakfast
90. Eat a healthy lunch
91. Eat a healthy dinner
92. Eat healthy snacks
93. Do not emotionally eat
94. Practice mindful eating
95. Limit television
96. Fruit serving
97. Veggie serving
98. Spend time in nature
99. 8 hours of sleep
100. No complaining
101. Maintain a positive attitude
102. No mindless social media scrolling

Daily Routine/Daily Tasks

Sometimes we just need an extra push to get the most basic daily tasks done. This list of habit tracker ideas will help you stay accountable to your daily routine.

103. Go to sleep on time
104. Brush teeth
105. Floss teeth
106. Skincare routine
107. Take a shower
108. Wake up on time
109. Complete morning routine
110. Walk the dog
111. Weigh yourself
112. Make your bed
113. Use a planner
114. One load of laundry
115. Play with pets
116. Tidy house
117. 15 minute social media break
118. Clean the sink
119. Do chores
120. Learn something new
121. Track your mood
122. No devices an hour before bed
123. Prepare for tomorrow


When things get busy, one of the biggest challenges is slowing down and prioritizing your own self-care. Habit trackers are powerful tools that can help you stay on track with a self-care routine. Use these ideas to get started!

124. Reading
125. Have a bath
126. Take time for yourself
127. Daily reflection
128. Try something new
129. Prayers
130. Read bible (other spiritual reading)
131. Check in with a loved one
132. Date night
133. Screen-free time
134. Laugh today
135. Use positive self-talk
136. Speak to yourself with kindness
137. Use positive affirmation cards
138. Engage in your hobbies or favorite past time.
139. Empty your inbox
140. Track your happiness
141. Set boundaries
142. Watch a motivational clip
143. Plan a screen-free day
144. Prioritize joy
145. Watch sunset
146. Watch sunrise
147. Sit outside and enjoy the quiet
148. Enjoy music
149. Color
150. Play an instrument
151. Do a craft
152. Complete a daily reflection/daily review
152. Have a nap
153. Go to bed early
154. Practice developing a grateful heart
155. Show yourself grace
156. Don’t engage in negative thoughts
157. Journal before bed

Financial Habit Ideas

As is the case with any habits, financial habits can be tricky to keep track of if you aren’t being intentional about it. Using these habit tracker ideas will help you be intentional about your finances. This will in turn help you reach your financial goals and dreams!

158. No unnecessary spending
159. Write down everything you spent money on
160. Pay bills
161. Review finances
162. Review monthly budget
163. Save money
164. Make coffee at home
165. Pack lunch
166. Make dinner at home
167. Pay down debt

Cleaning/Household Tasks

We all need a little bit of motivation to do the dirty jobs around the house. Keeping yourself on track with a list of tasks on your habit tracker is a great way to make sure your housework gets done!

168. Take fridge inventory
169. Deep clean the house
170. Organize the fridge
171. Clean the shower
172. Water plants
173. Feed pets
174. Wash the sheets
175. Unload the dishwasher

Why You Should Set One Up Today

A habit tracker is a necessary tool if you are looking to start a new habit or break your bad habits.

It can be tough to start a new routine, but habit trackers are such a flexible tool that you can start anytime!

You could choose to grab a daily habit tracker and start tomorrow! All you need to do is grab your favorite habit tracker ideas from this list and try a few out. From there, you can move to a weekly habit tracker, or a monthly habit tracker. The type of habit tracker you use is entirely up to you and the goals you set for yourself!

As you get comfortable using your tracker, be sure to reflect on your habits on a regular basis. After some time, you may find that it is no longer a challenge to reach all of your habits. Make your own growth a priority and challenge yourself to reach new goals whenever this happens!

Ready to get started? Get your favorite printable habit tracker and enjoy the feeling of creating a new healthy habit for the first time!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use some help maintaining healthy habits, this could be just the blog post that they need!

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