The Power of Mindset (Is Yours Holding you back?)

Have you ever stopped to consider the power of mindset? Or how your own mindset affects your day to day life?

Carol Dweck, a researcher, psychologist and author, has spent years determined to showcase the power of mindset. Through her research she has shown that there are two major types of mindsets: the fixed mindset and the growth mindset.

Our mindset affects every single aspect of our life. From learning new skills, to reaching our life goals, to our relationships, and everything in between.

So what is mindset and how can you use the power of mindset to change your life for the better?

What is a Fixed Mindset?

A person who has a fixed mindset believes that their key traits are fixed or unchangeable. For example their intelligence or talents.

A person with a fixed mindset often has limiting beliefs about themselves and are held back in life as a result. These types of people often avoid challenges, give up easily, and see feedback as personal criticism.

In fact, people who have a fixed mindset tend to avoid any situation where a risk needs to be taken. Making a mistake somehow makes people with a fixed mindset feel that they lack intelligence.

Having a fixed mindset limits our beliefs in ourselves and stops us from pursuing a life of freedom or living the life we desire.

A person with a fixed mindset would not see the merit in the power of mindset. Instead, they believe that their mindset is the way it is and cannot be changed.

What is a Growth Mindset?

When comparing fixed and growth mindset, a growth mindset is very much the opposite of a fixed mindset. A person who uses a growth mindset knows that they are capable of achieving anything they put their mind to.

Having a growth mindset helps you understand that your intelligence and talents are not fixed. Instead, with practice, you can move your life in any direction you want if you so desire!

If you believe in the power of mindset, you understand that you just need to push yourself out of your comfort zone to find growth and live any life that you want for yourself. This means not allowing your limiting beliefs to hold you back. Instead, a growth mindset helps you to challenge those beliefs to propel your life forward.

Having a growth mindset means believing in a life of freedom and choice. This means seeing challenges as a way to build resilience and grit in your life. And, most importantly, this means accepting criticism openly and understanding that failure is the best way to learn and grow.

The Power of Yet Ted Talk

The power of yet is another way that we can apply the power of mindset to overcome challenges in our lives.

The idea is that if we tack on the word yet to any challenge or setback that we face, it allows us to see the opportunities for growth.

For example, “I don’t understand how to solve this math problem…YET.” This shows that there is room for growth if we are willing to work to overcome the challenge or setback. The word yet gives us a path forward through the power of growth.

If you have yet to see this transformative talk, check out The Power of Yet Ted Talk!

The Power of Mindset

Your mindset has the power to change your entire life, if and only if you choose to let it.

We all know someone who spends their days stuck with a fixed mindset that doesn’t allow them to make any positive change in their life. These are the people who spend their days dreaming up dreams that they think are impossible to reach. Since your thoughts become your reality, these people stay stuck in the cycle of allowing their limiting beliefs to have complete control over them.

But then there’s the rest of us! The ones who know the truth. The power of mindset!

Your mindset can transform your entire life if you decide to let it. If you truly, deep down believe that you can achieve anything in your life, then you can.

Your attitude in your life determines your altitude in your life. If you jump out of bed every morning believing that you can conquer anything you put your mind to, then you will.

Think about something that you really truly desire for your life. Something that you feel is a true calling in your life. Perhaps it is a passion, or what some refer to as ikigai. I’m not talking about materialistic things that make you cooler than your neighbors either!

For example, maybe you have always wanted to start your own business to help people in your community. What would it take to get this project started? What would it take to turn this life dream of yours into your reality?

Well, the answer here is really quite simple. It’s mastering your mindset because your mindset is everything!

The power of mindset can be life changing. But first you must believe that you have to power to make a change in your life.

Master Your Mindset

Choosing to master your mindset and focus on growth will transform the way that you see challenges, failure, and setbacks in your life.

If you find this type of thinking difficult, consider using affirmations for a positive mindset to help you master your mindset!

So, do something today for your future self. Choose to begin mastering your mindset. Choose to believe you are capable, and that anything is possible.

And most importantly, choose to learn from your mistakes and stop allowing your limiting beliefs to take over your life.

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