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Chasing Dreams

Learn how to let your values guide you, and turn your goals into action!

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Carefree Living

Live your life on your own terms. Listen to the only voice that matters – yours!

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Mindset Matters

Learn to take control of your mindset! Obstacles are opportunities for growth!

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10 Tips for Successfully Setting Goals And Achieving Them

JordanJan 27, 2024
We can all set New Year’s resolutions or a big ambitious goal for our lives. But sticking to a goal for the long run and actually achieving a goal? That’s a different story entirely! So what is the secret to setting goals and achieving them? How do people overcome the setbacks and challenges that they encounter along the way?
Every day has the potential to be something fresh and exciting if you let it.

10 Ways to Stop Feeling Stuck in Life and Move On

JordanJan 22, 2024
This list of 10 ways to stop feeling stuck in life will help you start living a life of passion and the pursuit of exciting new opportunities!
a man looking discouraged about his job

I Hate My Job and Want to Quit But I Don’t Know How

JordanJan 20, 2024
I used to say “I hate my job and want to quit” until I overcame my fear of a career change. My personal tips will help you do the same!
“The important thing in life is not the triumph but the struggle.” - Pierre de Coubertin

125 Life Lessons Inspirational Quotes About Life And Struggles

JordanJan 20, 2024
Life lessons inspirational quotes about life and struggles can help you overcome each setback and failure in your life. 
“Identify your problems, but give your power and energy to solutions.” - tony robbins

Top 15 Most Motivational and Inspiring Speakers

JordanJan 19, 2024
Whether it’s taking control of your mindset or your finances, this list has the inspiring speakers to help you start living your best life!
I am open to new opportunities that lead to abundant success

115 Powerful Abundance I Am Affirmations for Success 

CassandraJan 13, 2024
Regardless of what you want more of, abundance I am affirmations are a simple tool that you can use right now to find abundance in your life.