How Can Words Inspire Change? (How To Make A Difference!)

Today, I want you to decide that you will be the positive change that this world needs. Challenge your entire system of beliefs and begin to understand the power of our words to make a positive change. Right now.

So how can words inspire change?

Words are a very powerful tool. When we use the right words, we can change minds and change hearts.

Imagine if every interaction in your day was filled with pure love and gratitude. What if negative words and unkind words were never uttered? What if we stopped sharing fake content and photoshopped pictures all over our social media pages, and shared kindness instead?

Imagine how much of a better place the world would be if people understood the power of their words.

What if we all had a common goal to always do the right thing, to understand the true power of words, and encourage others through positivity?

Inspirational Leaders Have Proven The Power of Positive Words

There have been many inspirational leaders throughout history who have shown us how the power of their words can lead to great things.

Dr. Martin Luther King was a great leader who served as an activist during the civil rights movement. Martin Luther King’s vision was inclusion for all, regardless of the color of their skin.

Dr. King’s beliefs in the power of nonviolent protest changed the lives of African Americans. His motivational words demonstrated how words can inspire change.

How Can Words Inspire Change: 5 Actionable Steps

While you may not be a great leader in history, you can still accomplish great things with the words that you use to speak with the people in your life.

Here are 5 actionable steps that you can take each day to use your words to inspire change in yourself and those around you.

#1. Don’t Complain

People love to complain, don’t they? Whether it is about family, work, or the weather, there never seems to be a shortage of complaints going around!

But here’s the thing: how bad is your life, really?

Have you ever taken a moment to just appreciate all that you do have?

Complaining is really just a big waste of time and energy. When we complain, we don’t solve problems, and we don’t make anyones’s day better. The only thing complaining does is passes negative energy from one person to another!

It is time to start waking up to start every day with a grateful heart. When we feel and express gratitude, our words inspire change in others. It makes a big difference when people feel valued and appreciated!

#2. Use Positive Words

It sounds like common sense, right?

But for some people it is easier to say negative things than to share positive thoughts.

Our jobs are a common place for negative comments. We all have negative co-workers that have a talent for sucking the positivity from the room.

This type of negativity is contagious. It spreads through every negative comment that is made, and can transform an entire workforce for the worse!

One way to avoid negativity is to practice. If a thought comes to your mind, ask yourself: is this a positive thought that will make the people around me happier? If not, practice keeping it to yourself until you can transform it into something worth sharing.

Next Monday morning, choose to challenge your co-workers with small talk that is designed to challenge them to change their Monday mindset.

For example, rather than asking how their weekend was, ask them what their goals are for the week. Or ask them about one thing that they are looking forward to.

Small steps like these change the culture of your organization for the better!

#3. Build Yourself and Others Up

How can words inspire change in ourselves?

The words that we use when we speak to ourselves in our own minds controls the way in which we see ourselves.

For example, we can build ourselves up by using words that are positive, uplifting, and productive. However, it is also very easy to bring yourself down by using words that are negative, hurtful, and counterproductive.

When you get used to using positive self-talk to build yourself up, it becomes easier to use the same words to build up others!

#4. Stay True to Yourself

How can words inspire change if we are all trying to be the same?

There are so many pressures in life to change who we are to suit the needs of someone else. There is pressure to ‘be normal’, but being normal is just being the same as everyone else!

You don’t have to have the same favorite TV show as your co-workers. It is okay if you are the only one who isn’t into sports. Walk into the lunch room and be brave enough to be yourself, just as you are, without any change.

And use your words to encourage others to do the same! Use your words to send the message that there is no one else like you in the world. Remind your loved ones and co-workers that it is okay for them to be uniquely themselves.

We all want to make a difference in the world. But differences aren’t made by keeping everything the same!

#5. Explore New Thoughts and Ideas

When was the last time you learned something new?

Learning new things helps broaden our exposure to different ideas and perspectives. And it is easier to inspire change when we have a better vision of the big picture!

We often use our words to criticize things that we don’t understand. But, being open to new things that you haven’t explored can give you a new look at something you once didn’t understand. This can in turn help you use more positive language to inspire change around you!

How Can Words Inspire Change in Your Life?

Words have power!

They can either create positive change or negative change. The words that you choose to use can either build people up or bring them down. And the same is true for the words that we use in our own self-talk!

We can see the power of words in our interactions with those closest to us. Take note of how you speak to your friends, family, and co-workers. Step outside your comfort zone and inspire positive change with your use of words that are positive!

How can words inspire change in your life?

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use some help with the words that they use, this post could be just what they need!

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