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130 Funny Positive Affirmations To Brighten Your Day

When it comes to your personal development, sometimes focusing your mind on positive thoughts just isn’t enough. Sometimes you need an extra boost of humor to turn your smile into a good laugh. 

Humor is a powerful tool that can help make even the most difficult situation feel a little bit lighter. That’s why I have put together this list of 130 funny positive affirmations!

I don’t always consider myself a funny person, but I do have a unique sense of humor that helps me get through each tough moment of my day. One of the funny things I do is kick up the laughter factor to lighten things up when I am feeling uncomfortable. While some might call this a defence mechanism, I call it listening to the little voice inside that wants me to have a happy life!

Whether you are hoping to overcome your bad day yesterday, or to embrace an awesome today, funny positive affirmations are an easy way to help you laugh your way to a good today.

Repeat these humorous affirmations to yourself throughout your day and watch as positive energy transforms you into a master of laugher! 

Funny Positive Affirmations

  1. Laughter is my coping mechanism for even the cloudiest days.
  2. Bad days yesterday are just plot twists in my ridiculously amazing day today.
  3. I’m the master of laughter and the healer of bad vibes.
  4. My personal growth journey includes a touch of humor in every step.
  5. My inner comedian knows the best way to handle difficult people.
  6. I’ve got personal life goals and a funny bone to achieve them.
  7. Even the negative committee can’t resist my positive outlook.
  8. My self-love game is strong, and so is my sense of humor.
  9. I find the lighter side of life in every situation.
  10. Good vibes follow me like a stand-up comedian’s audience.
  11. I’m a positive energy magnet, attracting awesome things.
  12. The healing powers of humor are my superpower.
  13. My positive pants are always on, bringing joy to others.
  14. I navigate through life’s challenges with a good laugh.
  15. The funny side of every situation is where I shine best.
  16. I turn every Monday morning into a stand-up comedy show.
I turn every Monday morning into a stand-up comedy show.

Funny Daily Affirmations

  1. I wake up every morning with a smile and a side of humor.
  2. My to-do list is my comedic script for the day.
  3. Coffee kicks in, and so does my ability to find the funny side.
  4. The negative committee meets daily, but I’m the laughter chairman.
  5. Even on a Monday morning, I shine like a stand-up comedian.
  6. I turn bad days into hilarious stories for tomorrow.
  7. Laughter is my secret weapon for turning cloudy days into sunshine.
  8. My daily goal is to make people laugh and brighten their days.
  9. Life’s little humor is my daily source of joy.
  10. My personal growth journey includes daily doses of humor.
  11. I’m the daily comedian in my life’s show.
  12. I’m a magnet for positive energy and funny moments.
  13. Daily laughter exercises my positive emotions.
  14. Humor is my daily healing power, and I share it generously.
  15. I wear my positive pants daily, bringing joy wherever I go.
  16. My daily motto: Take life lightly and have a good laugh.

Positive Funny Affirmations

  1. I see the positive side of life and capture it in laughter.
  2. Positivity is my north star; humor is my guiding light.
  3. I turn life’s hurdles into stepping stones of joy.
  4. Laughter is my tool for spreading positivity everywhere.
  5. I’m a positivity ninja, stealthily bringing smiles.
  6. I’m positively charged with a battery of humor.
  7. Every challenge is just a positive joke in disguise.
  8. My humor is my secret ingredient for a positive life.
  9. I’m a magnet for positive vibes and funny moments.
  10. My daily mantra: Stay positive, stay funny.
  11. I find the positive twist in every situation.
  12. Positivity flows through me like a bubbling stream of laughter.
  13. My sense of humor is my positive thinking partner.
  14. I turn stress into a pinata of positive surprises.
  15. Positivity and humor are the dynamic duo of my life.
  16. My optimism is so contagious it’s an epidemic.
  17. I’m the chief happiness officer of my world.
  18. Positivity is my daily affirmation; humor is my testimony.
  19. I create a positive ripple effect with every laugh.
  20. The more I laugh, the more positivity I attract.
  21. Life’s challenges are like hidden gems of positivity.

Funny Affirmations

  1. Laughter is the best response to the challenges of life.
  2. My journey includes finding humor in every twist and turn.
  3. I’m in the right place at the right time for something funny.
  4. Good news follows me like an excited puppy.
  5. I’m a proud member of the “positive life” club.
  6. Strong people conquer life with a hearty laugh.
  7. I’m part of the “coping mechanism” crew, and laughter is our secret weapon.
  8. Laughter is my response to every problem, big or small.
  9. I transform negative vibes into positive energy through humor.
  10. My life’s soundtrack is a symphony of laughter.
  11. The universe appreciates my daily doses of humor.
  12. Every day is an opportunity to find the funny side of life.
  13. I’m a daily practitioner of the healing powers of humor.
  14. I embrace life’s ridiculous plot twists with a grin.
I embrace life's ridiculous plot twists with a grin

Humorous Affirmations

  1. I’m so funny that even my mirror cracks up.
  2. My sense of humor is a treasure chest of joy.
  3. Life’s quirks and absurdities are my comedy goldmine.
  4. I’m the life of the party, even when it’s just me.
  5. My brain is a comedy factory, churning out witty thoughts.
  6. Laughter is my daily workout; I’m in great comedic shape.
  7. My spirit animal? The laughing hyena.
  8. I turn everyday mishaps into comedy sketches.
  9. My laughter is like a confetti cannon of happiness.
  10. Even my pet parrot can’t mimic my humor.
  11. If I were a superhero, I’d be Captain Chuckles.
  12. I’m the reason aliens visit Earth – they love my jokes.
  13. My jokes are so sharp they cut through stress like a knife.
  14. I’m a humorous paradox wrapped in a riddle of laughter.
  15. My fun-loving spirit is like a never-ending comedy show.
  16. I make puns so bad, they’re actually good.

Daily Funny Affirmations

  1. I start each day with a good laugh and a positive mindset.
  2. My to-do list can’t stop me from having a good time.
  3. I find funny ideas in the most unexpected places.
  4. I take a deep breath and sip my “coffee kicks negativity” potion.
  5. The negative committee can’t survive my morning positivity.
  6. The best medicine is a dose of my own humor.
  7. I’m a problem-solving wizard with a light-hearted approach.
  8. My personal growth journey is like a comedy show, and I’m the star.
  9. Life is an awesome thing, especially when you see its funny side.
  10. Good news follows me like a loyal best friend.
  11. I’ve joined the “positive life” club and I’m a card-carrying member.
  12. Life is full of ridiculous plot twists, and I love it.
  13. Strong people conquer life with a hearty laugh.
  14. I’m part of the “coping mechanism” crew, and laughter is our secret weapon.

Short Funny Positive Affirmations

  1. I’m the laughter guru, turning frowns into giggles.
  2. My vibe attracts awesome and oddball things.
  3. Life is too short to be serious all the time.
  4. Positivity is my superpower; humor is my cape.
  5. I’m a magnet for funny situations and great friends.
  6. My day is a sitcom, and I’m the star.
  7. I take life lightly and make it mighty.
  8. The universe has a great sense of humor, and so do I.
  9. Good vibes follow me like loyal pet cats.
  10. I turn setbacks into comebacks with a wink.
  11. My motto: Keep it light and keep it funny.
  12. My daily agenda includes joy, laughter, and more laughter.
  13. Life’s little quirks are my daily entertainment.
  14. My heart is lighter than a feather, and my laugh is louder than a lion’s roar.
  15. I’m a happiness ninja, spreading joy one laugh at a time.
I'm a happiness ninja, spreading joy one laugh at a time

Funny Positive Work Affirmations

  1. Work is fun when I bring my inner comedian.
  2. I turn the office into a laughter factory.
  3. I excel at work and comedy – a true multi-tasker.
  4. I’m the jester of the office, making everyone smile.
  5. My work meetings are a comedy club in disguise.
  6. The more I work, the funnier I become.
  7. I turn work stress into laughter therapy sessions.
  8. I’m a master of productivity and puns.
  9. Work challenges are just opportunities for a good laugh.
  10. My work ethic is rivaled only by my sense of humor.
  11. I’m the go-to person for a work-related chuckle.
  12. I boost team morale with my comedic timing.
  13. Every project is a chance to add humor and heart.
  14. I’m the workplace comedian and efficiency expert.
  15. Work is a stage, and I’m the headliner.
  16. I make deadlines tremble with my wit.
  17. My workday is sprinkled with humor and achievements.
  18. Work is a place for serious tasks and hilarious results.

Using Funny Positive Affirmations

One of the best pieces of advice I have been given is to be flexible and have a sense of humor. Things rarely go according to plan, so instead of letting the little things bother you, sometimes the right thing is to just laugh them off.

But having a sense of humor isn’t always easy! That’s why funny positive affirmations are such a powerful tool! Using the positive statements from this list of funny affirmations can do amazing things for a negative mind. In the right moment, some funny vibes and the right energy can completely transform even the worst day.

If you are looking for more humor to help you laugh your way to personal development, check out this list of funny affirmations!

Don’t forget to share this post with your friends and family on social media! If you know someone who could use funny positive affirmations, this post could be just what they need!

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